The Nazi General, also known as the Butcher of Prague, with his terrible massacres: Reinhard Heydrich

Reinhard Heydrich was a name that even intimidated Hitler with the terrible massacres and plans he had against the Jews. Especially the policies he implemented during his service in Czechoslovakia are one of the extreme points of ruthlessness. Tens of thousands of Jews were killed for the sake of Heydrich.
Born in 1904, heydrich was 1.82. he had a thin long face and a thin nose. her lips were stretched and slender, and her jaws were hard and bony, and all these physical features suggest that she was a typical Northern. the fact that this brutal reception with a quarter of Jewish blood had a pure bee type had great luck to realize its ideals.

Although the records of his birth year were distorted, it was later determined that his grandmother was a Jewish woman named sarah. Nevertheless, it is absolutely terrible contrast to the fact that heydrich is the most cruel and cruel enemy enemy of history. an old naval officer, heydrich, was taken with the dignity court from the german naval forces, but he was not at all sad because he predicted that he could rise quickly and easily among the natives. he was an intelligent and ruthless murderer. When the day came and the arrows appeared, Heydrich was to be a blessing for the crazy Empire of Hitler.
himmler, who first discovered him, took him into his service and he was tasked with establishing a secret service as a first job.
The SD was scared even when it hit the hitler. it would never leave sd no matter what position it would later. This life-brute torture and blackmail, which were not kneaded with human pulp, had become a daily routine. In 1934, the ernst roehm and his team, the socialist wing of the party, prepared a list of victims along with himmler and goering on the night of his murder.
When he distinguished himself as the helper of himmler, gestapo, secret police, archives and intelligence, briefly known as rsha, all police organization, also called a terrorist organization, was under his command as the right arm of himmler, allowing the destruction of 6,000,000 jews. it was this organization. but heydrich, who knew how to hide his passions, was not in a hurry. He was one of the most youthful of the Nazi administrators, but one of the most feared. Nevertheless, Heydrich always knew to wait behind his chiefs. In the words of Walter Schellenburg, who worked under his command for many years and who would later become the chief of the German secret police, Reinhard Heydrich was the axis of the Nazi regime and the true master of the politicians. he was sometimes known to creep at him by referring to him as the üt iron-hearted man ür and to the auscults with a supreme chief. in spite of them, the reinhard heydrich reached his apology during September 1941, during his time in the chaos and horror world of the nazi empire.
Czechoslovakia, which was occupied by the Germans in 1939, stood against the German Reich and did not cooperate with the Nazis. the level of production in the country was low; students even dare to take part in protest marches. the puppet government could not restrain these events, and his hand was tied. in short, Czechoslovakia did not become a satellite state as expected from him. the reichprotector upon which baron von neurath resigned on September 27, 1941, citing the deteriorating health, was replaced by reinhard heydrich as protectorate of bohemia and moravia. the mission was to draw the rebellious Czechoslovakia into the nazi world.
as soon as heydrich took office, the chopper was not afraid to show his face in checks.
he was ordered to execute the military - civilian prom - lingors who refused to cooperate with reich, and ordered him to be executed. even more fear, the ashes of the dead in the box and sent the date and time of their execution sent to their families. heydrich, meanwhile, took the title of pragamese butcher and did not do his best to deserve that name. preparing new execution lists and executions. After they succeeded in digesting those who resisted the pressure, they began to offer incentives and loves to people for cooperation. Heydrich, determined to increase production, was determined to find a solution to the matter. he started to work by promising better wages and better nutrition in return for the workers to pour a little more sweat. Not satisfied with it, the successful workers at the time of the rich rich and aristocrats spend their holidays in hotels with their families will offer holiday opportunities, he said. Thus, in a short period of one month, especially in the production of war-equipment factories began to see large production increases.
meanwhile, the puppet government, which was very pleased with the arrival of heydrich, was mobilizing all the means. From the prague radio every day it was possible to hear the following news: Heydrich friends of the workers! heydrich and his wife will be attending a mozart festival in prague tonight. Some of the loyalty letters from Heydrich. etc.
heydrich took the real bomb out of his mouth
Czechoslovakia deserved an autonomy within the German Reich. this meant that if the checks were good, they would have their own autonomous administration, depending on Germany, that they would have their own armies, of course, on behalf of Germany. thus, if the checks did not resist, they thought they would live freely under a friendly hand and started to shift to the Nazis day by day. Of course, the hand on his back caressing strokes, he would not hesitate to squeeze the throat. on these developments, allies and senior commanders of the Czech army in exile, which were officers and volunteers, were forming the new check army established in France in 1939, when they realized that their country could not resist any more, they decided on one thing: heydrich should be eliminated. therefore one slovak and the other two moravian check paratroopers jan kubis and josef gabchik were assigned to czechyhchis. He was accustomed to blackmail and intrigues which made up the whole of his life. Heydrich was always on the trigger and he knew how to protect himself with very difficult and robust security measures. In spite of this, the ss lar are very confident in themselves, they did not even think in Czechoslovakia that there would be someone who would attack them and try to kill one of their supreme chiefs. In such an environment, on May 27, 1942, Reinhard left the castle of his father in a village 20 km from the prague, going to meet Berliner Führer with a plane to take off from his continent on Heydrich Prague. 10 years before his departure to saya heydrich his wife farewell. inga heydrich was a tall beautiful blonde. Passionate SS officers were required to make happy marriages with women from good families and bee descendants. although he thought that the public had been happy to share a happy marriage with the court of dignity, even though he was hovarta far from the army. just as family friends think of a beast like heydrich as a musician. yes reinhard heydrich was a good violonist. occasionally he met musician friends and loved playing chamber music. In addition to being one of the greatest killers in history, it was a unique example for the psychiatrists with this dual personality. on 27 may, he was attacked by heydrich, jan kubis and josef gabchik and was wounded by a grenade near his car and then he was hospitalized.
On 4 June 1942, Reinhard Heydrich died, despite the painstaking treatment of one of the most famous doctors in Czechoslovakia. During the eruption, the plant fibers, metal and cloth particles, which entered into his body from the spleen, chest and diaphragm region, had opened the untouchable wounds, and these wounds were groaning from his chest like his victims from 27 may to 4 June when he was hospitalized. has caused him to die. happily, torture, blackmail, cruelty, intrigue and all kinds of filths are not ointments on every wound.
With the death of heydrich, ss asler is bloodthirsty and has hung or shot thousands of people, whether or not he has anything to do with the assassination.
The puppet Czech government has named the reinhard Heydrich to a port descending to the end point. even the minister of education gave the following statement about the deaths and executions from the prague radio:
Im The murder committed by foreign agents has jeopardized our national existence. of course, 7,000,000 Czechoslovak people to survive the death of 7,000 people is fair. "
After these statements, a Czech village called the leader of the village was removed from the map on the grounds that it supported the assassination. so that the village was printed, the men were immediately shot, women and children were sent to the concentration camp, and buildings and houses were destroyed by dozers. Even the workers who returned from the night shift were expected to be shot at the moment they stepped into the village. The last lidice who was being treated in hospital was shot to death after being discharged in October.
The assassins jan kubis and josef gabhcik who killed heydrich were taken under siege by ss in the dawn of June 18, while they were hiding in a prague church with five paratroopers coming from Britain like themselves. The youngest of the youngest in the history of the Czechs were resisted and the dead were seized. it was painful to say that only one could be killed by a grenade, while others had squeezed the last bullets of their ammunition into the temple.


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