The Method of Cleaning and Refreshing in the Mouth: Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling is a method where people who try to clean mouth are very satisfied.
Because of its known strong antibacterial effect and its uncomfortable taste, coconut oil is the most preferred and recommended although it can also be made with other kinds of healthy fats, called oil pulling.

I've tried two days in a row with coconut oil, you can feel the feeling of freshness in my mouth, even after brushing it on your teeth, you don't feel it after that. You feel like you've officially cleaned your teeth at the dentist. I also helped with a problem with the gum because I think the pain has passed. the miracle thing that I believe will make great contributions to our health through regular use. Don't sleep, do it.

note: my 78-year-old neighbor had tried olive oil and she was also very pleased.
oil pulling every morning on my stomach for 20 minutes by following the chronometer of my phone rinsing oil with a mouth.

I'm doing it with cold pressed organic coconut oil. I'm about to fill my fifth month. In this 20 minutes, sometimes I take a shower, I comb my hair, do my makeup, ironing my clothes. So you don't have to spend 20 minutes every morning. of course you can't focus on other things at the same time. after a while it becomes part of your morning routine. That's how you do everything in your mouth, without fat, that's all.

rather than the therapeutic aspect, I'm focusing on the healing feature I do without going into expectation. when people start to sleep in horizontal position, toxins accumulate in mouth and tongue. This is the reason for the bitter taste in the mouth when you wake up in the morning. These toxins are thawed in oil. It doesn't come back into the body. That's the logic. I'm saying that I'm healing for not doing with my sense of healing, but also because my body feels good for my soul to continue to do.


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