The mass of the electron was measured clearly

German scientists made the most accurate measurement of the mass of the electron, which was one of the building blocks of the article, until now. Thanks to this measurement, scientists had a useful key to study and test the theory describing the particles and forces that constitute the i├žin Standard Model  Electrons are negatively charged particles in the atomic nucleus. Electrons were discovered in 1897 by the British Joseph John Thomson. Although Thomson primarily referred to electrons as electrons, he later called the electron because of its relevance to electric charge.
The team, led by Sven Sturm, of the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, measured the mass of electrons by storing particles using magnetic and electric fields using a device called the Penning trap. The mass of a single electron around the previously known carbon core was measured. Penning traps are devices that store charged particles using a homogeneous static magnetic field and a spatially inhomogeneous static electric field. They are particularly suitable for precise measurements of the properties of subatomic particles.

Recently Penning trap quantum computation and quantum information processing were used in physical realization. Penning traps are also used to perform measurements known as a geonium atom. Penning traps are used in many laboratories around the world. For example, they are used in CERN to store protons. According to the measurements, an electron 0.000548579909067 atomic mass unit (akb) is coming. The previous measurements were calculated as 0.0005489 akb. Of course, statistical and experimental uncertainties were calculated in relation to variables. This calculation for determining the mass of the electron is estimated to be 13 times more accurate than the previous measurements. Iyor This result will play an important role in future core Standard Model tests and precision tests, Standart stated the study published in the journal Nature.


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