The Latest Technology from Airbus for the 2050s

How do you think the planes of the future will be? Airbus presented his ideas on how the journey would be in 2050. In the future airplanes will be as relaxing as the same ships, there will be playgrounds, and the seats will absorb the heat energy and produce electricity to operate the equipment in the cabin. In 2050, all passengers can relax in the massage chairs, breathe in the sea air or sip their drinks by breathing the fresh pine forest air. In addition, the sound showers will provide you with a perfect sleep, and the special virtual screens will protect you from light.
Also, if you want to enjoy the scenery, panoramic windows and frames will be transparent and will satisfy every passenger's wishes. In addition, the bionic structure of the cabin was inspired by the anatomy of a bird. Thus, a light and strong skeleton was created.

Covering with biopolymer membrane, natural light control, humidity and temperature control will be provided to provide the necessary light for transparent glass. In this way, a 360 degree view of the Eiffel Tower, Niagara Falls, such as spectacular views can be laid under your feet. Self-cleaning special furniture or dirt-repellent special coatings will be the use of the latest technology. Augmented reality and virtual games will give the passengers an excellent experience. There are also special restaurants and venues that will give you a great experience. Airbus claims it will shorten its journey by more than 13 minutes to all over the world. In addition, new technologies that will save 9 million tons of fuel annually will reduce 28 million tons of CO2 per year. Apparently, in the future, the aircraft will be equipped with superb technologies.

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