Step by Step Guide to Defeating Laziness

Although laziness is often seen as a right or habit, it is seen as the starting point of many physical and psychological disorders. Lazyness is also defined by the name of Oblomov Syndrome, which is increasingly increasing the number of people who do not want to have any movement.
It is obvious that many people complain about less reading, less production and less movement. Those who have the potential of ise diligence lar enough to abide by the guide created to prevent this can give a new direction to their lives in a very short period of time.

1-Early Wake
The first option for people who want to completely eliminate the remains of misery is to start the day early. Early morning shields including weekends are much more energetic and full of people. The scientific researches underline the need to be asleep between 23.00 and 03:00 for the brain to rest and work more efficiently the next day. Those who are awake at this time awaken to wake up tired. Frequent flexing and a desire to go home at home as soon as possible during the day also have a direct impact on laziness.

2-Sports or Exercise
The proverb functioning iron does not applies to the human body. People who put the sport into their life as a habit get rid of their excess weight and have a more action-oriented life. As it is known, excess weight negatively affects the freedom of movement of the person. This extends to a much more serious extent. Factors such as decreasing the desire to leave the house, prolongation of the time in the house, and some psychological disturbances are the starting points. However, going to the gym for two to three days a week or doing small exercises at home can be seen as an antidote to laziness.

3-Creating Book and Movie Lists
Art has always been a driving force that keeps a human being alive and active. There is no need to write ballet or opera to get rid of laziness. The culture of cinema and literature, which is in the common denomination of everyone, should be included in certain programs and made regular. Making the brain active by reading various books is one of the most fun of these options. Film lists should be created and efforts should be made to watch these films in cinema.

4-Stay Away from Television
We rank second after the US in television viewing statistics in Turkey. The habit of watching television is gradually transformed into television addiction. Both children and adults are equally dependent on television to make the limits of their laziness. Dir Monitoring eylem is a passive act in itself. It is a habit cult that prohibits direct participation and prevents people from all possibilities of movement. For this reason, the TV should be avoided as far as possible and action should be taken to be monitored instead.

5-Breaking Social Media Accounts
Social media accounts are one of the elements that make up another addictive space after TV. Today we are aware of the existence of millions of people who do not feel comfortable and comfortable without sharing photos or tweets. In order to prevent this, social media accounts should be paused and tried to be part of real sociality.

6-Outside Home
Laziness has been transformed into asocialism in years. Organizing every entertainment and meeting at home, even on weekends, is stuck in the house, and is the most obvious extension of the misery. This way of life should be abandoned and among people. Traveling, exploring new places and taking photos in these places will be useful in every respect.

7-Healthy and Fiber Weighted Feeding
Human choices in life affect the general life. Nutritional habits are one of them. Feeding with foods that are high in fat and sugar affects everything from a person's anatomy to chemistry. Such harmful food brings both laziness and health crises. Instead, it is recommended to feed on organic, healthy and fiber based. Consumption of food that is easy to burn will affect the person both physically and spiritually during the movement and action.

Source: poxox blogs
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