Soft Architectures and Inflatable Designs Book

Inflatable structures and objects; expression tools frequently used in architecture, design and art. Jeff Koons is a giant inflatable ballet dancer placed in front of Rockefeller Center to draw attention to missing children, and Mother London's giant inflatable breast installation for Mother's Day is one of the best examples of this. Also equipped with 109 pinhole camera cells, the inflatable structure Compaund Camera, Amanda Parer's giant inflatable rabbits and giant balloon costumes are impressive work we have recently been involved in. You may also be interested in Bubbletecture: Inflatable Architecture and Design.
Bubbletecture handles over 200 works.
Bubbletecture: Inflatable Architecture and Design, published by Phaidon, is a compilation of incredible inflatable architectures, fashion, art and design created over the last few years.

The book features a wide range of works from Seung Jin Yang's chair and stool balloon designs to an inflatable concert hall organized by Arata Isozaki and Anish Kapoor. Written by architect New York architect Sharon Francis, the book dates back to the 1960s and handles over 200 designs in total.
Visual: Phaidon
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