Shutterstock Announces Trend Colors

With the twitching of the new year on the horizon, it became clear that the rugged colors that will be heard in the world of web and design next year.
According to Shutterstock, the global market place for many industries, the warm and vibrant colors will remain the same in design trends in 2019.

Today, Shutterstock released a new report, leri Most Trend Colors of 2019 Bug√ľn. The report, which uses pixel data and visual download statistics on its platform while creating the report, wants to shed light on 2019's color report with this report.

According to Shutterstock's report, the most popular and globally valid 3 colors were determined. Apart from these colors, regional data is also shared about which color will be liked / admired in the region.

As you can see from the following report, the most trendy colors of this year are UFO Green (# 7FFF00), Plastic Pink (# FF1493) and Proton Moru (# 8A2BE2) as the trio:
Shutterstock's data also included local data. Well, according to this data is the most popular color purple for Turkey.

Regarding their report, Shutterstock's CMO Lou Weiss: m The colors we choose to represent on any occasion, whether consciously or not, reflect more than the current trends in fashion or design. These colors have a greater cultural significance. Bu

With Shutterstock's report, the color trends of the new year came before the new year came. So what do you want to say about Shutterstock's trend trio, which we think we'll see a lot in 2019?

You Shutterstock purple color specified in the report for Turkey, it could show up in next year's trend colors?


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