Short History of Galatasaray Island, the only island in the Bosphorus

We are now telling the history of the island we know as Galatasaray Island or Suada.
In the early times, the name is Adi Sarkis. In 1884, the famous architecture of the period was turned into an island by sarcophagus.

Sarkis Bey then built a beautiful mansion on this island and lived here until his death in 1899.
After the death of Sarkis, this mansion has lost its life and it has been closed for a long time and after it has been hired and then it was hired by the heirs to the company-i hayriye ferry companies. The pavilion on the island was demolished by the company, and the island was then used as a coal depot to supply coal to the strait line steamers.
then the sports club of galatasaray took the island. the club's maritime tavern is subject to expropriation, so the galat national club put forward this candidate. The result of this coal store, which looks like a blackish spot in the throat and which is ugly around here, was added to the idea that a facility worthy of the beautiful beauty of the Bosphorus would find a body.
Thus, the island of Sarkis long-term "coal island" name and get rid of the name of galatasaray island.
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