Popular Culture Characters with Origami Art

Origami skiing, origami weaving, origami LEGO and origami kitchen set showed examples such as, origami will continue to inspire every aspect of design. On the other hand, origami animal sculptures made by Quyet Hoang Tien with wet folding technique and Gonzalo García Calvo's detailed origami figures are among the best examples of contemporary origami art. Louise Cassidy, also known as @foldiloxs, is one of the names who have a different interpretation to the art of origami.

Louise Cassidy uses paper cutting and crumple techniques with my origami
About 4 years ago, Louise Cassidy became interested in the art of origami and decided to combine what she learned with another popular area of ​​popular culture. Every time he watches a movie or TV series, the artist starts to think about how he could recreate it as origami, rather than focus on it. In addition to origami, she also uses paper and paper cutting techniques.
Micro origams
For Louise Cassidy, the hardest part of her job is to make her character recognizable. Each origami figure is only 1 inch (2.54 cm) high. It is therefore not easy to add details that make them recognizable. Still, it doesn't take long to complete the figures. Each is completed in about 20-30 minutes. Then the artist is photographing origami figures and preparing a special background for the figure.

You can follow the work of Louise Cassidy on her instagram.


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