Playing Action Games Can Improve Learning

In a recent scientific study, he showed that for the first time action video games improved their learning abilities. Professor of Brain and Cognitive Science at the University of Rochester. Daphne Bavelier; Or We've seen that playing fast-paced games creates a positive change in their learning abilities, “he says.
In another study by the University of Geneva, Bavelier başka Our brain; To sharpen your guessing skills on topics such as speech, listening, driving, or even surgery, it constantly creates new perceptual templates and drafts.

The purpose of these drafts is to provide us with better performance in our actions. Now we know that action games improve the quality of these perceptual templates. Ki In a study published in the National Academy of Sciences Against Action Players, Non-Action Players, PNAS Bavelier and his team experimented with action video games and those who did not play and used models to monitor the performance of these players. From the data obtained from these models, it can be said that: oy Action video games users have reached a high perceptual template quality. The researchers saw that brain and hand coordination caused higher quality templates. Ğ Video Game Training In a later study, inexperienced players participated in the experiment. They were asked to play a total of 50 hours of video games during the 9-week course. A group played action games such as Call of Duty, the other group played video games like action-free Sims. Brain patterns of the trainees were tested before and after the game. It was seen that perceptual templates were found to be better than those who did not play action games. Measuring and Learning To learn better, you'll need to design faster and higher-performing templates, and action games speed up this process. Researchers have also found that action-lovers have a permanent pattern-building performance. In an experiment conducted a year later, participants who had a few months of action play created better perceptual templates than the other participants. "It may be possible for video games other than action games to have the same effect," Bavelier said.


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