Period of time from 11 thousand years to today: Holocene

The Holocene, which began with the end of the Young Ice Age Period, about 11-12 thousand years ago, still continues today.
holocene, 11 thousand years ago the current time until the moment we live today. The third time period from the fanerozoic period belongs to the quaternary sub-circuit of the senozoic. the other quaternary circuit of the pleistocene begins with the closure of the last ice age.

It can also be initiated by the human being, who started the agricultural revolution. We can say that the modern history of mankind takes more form. therefore, it defines the present rather than a real geological cycle.

holocene has also experienced a cycle called small ice age. however, this was mostly due to the cooling of the climate. date between 1500-1800. In addition to the world's own cycle, it seems that human activity in the end of this mini-ice age has an effect on the industrial revolution.

The world entered the ice age from time to time and came out. we know it from the work done in antarctica and the shapes of the glaciers. In the Antarctica, the air of the time is captured by removing the trapped glacial pieces as molds and information about the climate is provided up to 700,000 years ago. This is how we learn the carbon emissions and the amount of oxygen in the past. As a result, the world may be coming out of a mini-ice age, but we are accused of accelerating it.
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