People's extreme fear of clowns: Coulrophobia

We can say that the fear of clowns for coulrophobia has come to extreme dimensions. When he arrives at advanced degrees, he can be reacted like a shiver, breathing and shouting when he sees a clown.
You can never convince people with coulrophobia that clowns are cute or funny things. -they aren't already-
For 10 years I have also this phobia. When I see a remote clown, but when I look directly in another direction, 'allahım nolur do not come towards me. but last night I noticed that it was a huge amount of phobia.
I was walking by telling a friend something, I ended my sentence and turned to my right, a clown walking towards me in 3 meters! I screamed and screamed, so he got scared, but he kept coming. I even started to run out of my feet shouting, 'I have no favors.'

connoisseurs in izmir the pier of the host there are sometimes 2-3 clowns selling lollipops or something. hah, that was one of them. Then we crossed the bridge, again a clown! This time before the end of the bridge from the bottom of the iron jumping into the grass and ran away. And it was ridiculous but I felt such a strange fear that I cried from the small. I'm sure if I don't hold myself, I will cry and sob.
I'm incredibly scared from the mask. I'm afraid of everything! Even if this is a tweety costume! they come very soulless and spooky. When I meet these things on the streets, my heart beats my head and sweat all over my body.
the moment I fear, the clown at a time to come to the eye to come to the eye, the clown, not knowing that the inside of the inside of the clown, 'heh now I go to it,' he thinks, walking towards me. I never had that moment as close as I did last night. I'd always be a farther away, and I'd go faster and run. but yesterday, it wasn't officially enough to get me! :(
Allam living is becoming a hard thing going for me.
note: yes I read the novel of stephen king bi 10 years ago. stephen king But I don't think it was his fault. I don't mind how you don't fear;
even when I looked into the visuals of the oha clown, I was scared to repent. I closed it directly.
coulrophobia is a childhood phobia that I like to spread to the wider masses after clown maniac that erupted in the USA.
Whenever I tell someone to say it automatically stephen king'te throwing a definite "o" film you've seen something like that they say. Of course, this is the business of people who act as a diver in the direction of who is afraid of a clown. The work I had was nothing to do with stephen king, I watched the film 17-18 years old. When I was a child, the situation was so brutal, there was a clown jumping out of the night in front of my bed. I remember the nightmares are quite clear. I think my thoughts that nothing is what it seems to make my mind look very good.
When I went to the city with my family in the later period of my childhood, I was having a nice time until the clowns appeared, and then I went out because of the inconvenience inside me. Everybody was having fun outside of me, so still. I do not have this phobia as before but I'm going to set aside this stephen king'in and this head of the person who tells me the best way to underline that rob zombie. The childhood of those who have this phobia may be like an adult, and I always feel that I've always felt 100 meters. perhaps it is the legacy of this failure.
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