Oldest National Park; Yellowstone's Unknown

Yellowstone National Park is where we've seen American movies for morning jogging. This huge park, which is a total of 147 years old, is one of the most touristy areas in the world. There are dozens of different types of animals in this park, which cannot stay on the borders of a single city. In this area, which has created a perfect ecosystem, more than 200 exotic plants grow in addition to about 1100 species of domestic plants. This shows that the park creates an incredible habitat.

We have compiled some of the lesser known and unknown things about Yellowstone National Park, which is the holiday place where millions of tourists take part in the holiday guide and the road falls without thinking.

The oldest park

US President Ulysses S. Grant became the 18th President of the United States after winning the US Civil War as the Commander-in-Chief of the North. When the dates point to 1872, he is able to realize the potential in the region and is in an effort to cooperate with the US Congress and to make a national park. Granted a positive result from his efforts, Grant ensures the establishment of the world's first national park, and therefore the United States.
It is known that it is at least 8 times larger than Snowdonia National Park which is another big area that comes to mind when it is called the national park in the world. In addition, the age difference between Yellowstone and Snowdonia 79.
Yellowstone Lake, which is named after it, is spreading about 132 km².

Includes 3 provinces and 5 cities

This park is also the largest national park in the world. Its surface area is 8979 km².

Tourist Attraction Center

One of the most important reasons that make the park popular. About half of the world's hot water resources are found here. The number of these hot springs is more than 10000.
There are more than 300 geysers in the boundaries of Yellowstone and more than 290 large and small waterfalls. In this way, it is one of the largest calderas in the world.
There are 12 camping sites for approximately 2000 people in the park. With an entry fee of $ 70 a year, we can state that the park which is available for the whole year is requested for about 35 dollars. In short, a small amount of approximately 350-400 TL is enough for a year's stay in the park.
However, a small warning may be required. It's not Turkey. For this reason, as in Pamukkale Travertines, travertines within the forest are not being traversed. The American is very sensitive.

Park Leader

The most famous water heater called Old Faithful undertakes this intriguing natural environment. The biggest reason for this water heater is about 56 meters high. Yellowstone's Grand Canyon In this area that fascinates with its unique view, it is also the privilege of tourists to watch the natural beauty called Rainbow Pools.
Thanks to the feverish enthusiasm of heat-loving bacteria, it provides the opportunity to see beautiful colors.
Other famous stops are Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Madison, Mammoth Hot Spring and Mud Volcano.

Natural habitat

Yellowstone National Park; home to hundreds of species such as mammals, birds, fish and reptiles, especially the grizzly bear, American black bear, bison, deer, antelope, coyote and lynx.
Bears are the most crowded class of this park. Especially in the late 1960s, the fast-growing population of bears is the most common park member in the cameras.
Thermal activity in the park is one of the important factors that help the feeding of animals.
Thanks to the heat emitted by geysers, the herbs develop better and even prevent the weeds from covered with snow in winter. In this way, the water birds that migrate to the south in winter are able to continue their life in the park in winter.

Heritage Area

Taking the proposal seriously, UNESCO, in 1978, designated Yellowstone National Park as a yıl World Heritage Site Verilen. This situation contributes to the attraction of the park for tourists.
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