Not Too Late To Learn!

In this article, we will introduce you to very valuable people. Maybe you have some acquaintances, but did you know how old they were to learn? Writer, investor, painter, boxer, entrepreneur and many professions. These people we see successful are among those who think that it is not too late to learn. Let's leave you with these names without further excitement.
Joseph Conrad

The Polish-born British writer did not speak English until the age of 20. From the age of 20 to the age of 39, he wrote about 200 books until the age of 66. The fact that he hasn't stopped learning does have to be the most basic thing that makes him so successful.

Paul Cezanne

The French post-impressionist painter has not taken a paintbrush into his hands until he was 20 years old. He learned until he was 24. He left more than 90 works from 24 to 67 years old. Isn't that great? That he didn't stop learning one line.

Rocky Marciano

Italian boxer, unidentified world heavyweight boxing champion. Inspired by the movie Rocky, this man carried coal, transported, dug trenches, worked on railways. You haven't worn your boxing gloves until you're 20. He learned until he was 25. Abandoned. The result is that in the world championships, the name was written in gold letters until the age of 45.
J.K. Rowling

There are long articles about his life. It is more than enough to know that you are someone who has taught up to 23 years of age and has no experience in writing books. From the age of 28 up to the present age, we can see that he has written the Harry Potter series which has left a significant mark on the world and that he is successful. How Does? Without learning!

Sylvester Stallone

Stallone, who has not taken part in any films until the age of 24, has been successful until this time from 30 to 72. He played 75 roles in the road we call success.

Vincent Van Gogh

He never brushed a painting until he was 27 years old. He just drew it. From the age of 27 to the age of 37, he made paintings that will be reminiscent of the world. We are confident that you do not stop learning, if you are successful after death, it is completely time and vision difference in our opinion.

Alan Rickman

British actor, the director in the first 28 years of his 70 years of life in the movies do not play the smallest role. He began to learn in 28 of them and played in 56 films from the age of 36 to his death. Find out what the enormous thing is!

Reid Hoffman.

Net service is $ 1.7 billion. If he's not successful, he won't get all that money, right? Okay, we're successful too, but we don't have that much money. Until the age of 35, he learned about the entrepreneurship in the way of late learning, to stop learning; learning how important it was to be closed to learning.

Julia Child

American chef of French food! As the subject grows in the kitchen since childhood, clich├ęs come to our minds, but see also Child didn't know how to make one French dish until 30 years old. From age 30 to 49, he learned it. At the age of 49, he captured success and did not ask, until he was 92 years old, he toppled the hills of success.

Martha Stewart

A name that is likely to come to mind when it comes to home decoration. She hasn't been in a house decor until the age of 35. The 35-year-old began to learn how to decorate the home as crazy as 41 years and 73 years old. Isn't the numbers great? He didn't give it up, he didn't.

Vera Wang

Like Martha, she also designed, but not houses, the founder of houses, wedding dresses. Until 39 years old, he just wrote about fashion. At the age of 39 began to learn the design of wedding dresses starting at 41 years of success still continues. At the age of 69, by the way, he still learns.

Dave McClure

The American investor didn't make any investments until he was 40. With the dream of investing in 500 enterprises, she started to learn rapidly from the age of 40 and up to the age of 45. In the younger 48th, but among the world's investors, it is one of the most well-known. It's a motto for him not to stop learning.

Grandma Moses

You're a painter, you didn't make a painting until you were 78. You left a mark in the world. Moses, who began learning from the age of 78, reflected the joy of extraordinary life in his works until the day he died at the age of 101.

Fauja Singh

We're gonna talk about an old man. He's a marathon runner. He's never been in a 26-kilometer run until he's 89. At the age of 107, the Indian Singh learned to run a well-known marathon in the world.


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