Motorcycle Produced in 3D Metal Edition

While Airbus is known as one of the world's largest aircraft manufacturers, it has worked with APWorks to produce the world's first 3D printed motorcycle. The Light Rider weighing 35 kg owes its name to its lightness. The motorcycle with 6kW (8hp) electric motor has an interesting outer frame. Airbus says the engine can withstand loads on daily use. The 80 km / h engine can be used for urban use and transportation, maybe not for the motorway. This interesting motorbike is H.R. Designed by Geiger. Thanks to the Scalmalloy material produced by the second generation APWorks patented alloy, the aluminum silicon powder mixture has a much stronger structure. The skeleton of the engine produced with aluminum-magnesium-scandium alloy was written with a 3D printer.
Thanks to Scalmalloy, a single solid frame with cavities is created, making normal interiors easier to access. The skeleton developed using bionic algorithms has 30% lighter weight than the current electric motors. The electric motor, first produced by TE Connectivity, was 200 kg in weight and had a 750 watt weaker engine. Nevertheless, don't surprise you that Light Rider is light, its price is not cheap.

Only 50 units will be produced for this engine 2450 dollars (7000 tl) on the deposit will need to pay $ 56 thousand more, you will already get the most engine of this money. This way, APWorks produces motorcycles produced differently, and finally wants to switch to mass production. If you're really lucky, you can have one of the 50 engines with limited production.

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