Most Intensive Coffee: Coffee Sumatra

Coffee Sumatra, which is one of the best alternatives for coffee, is one of the best alternatives. Sumatra coffee, what are the features you say to the content.
coffee sumatra is available not only in starbucks, but also in many coffee shops, because sumatra is one of the coffee-grown regions of indonesia. Also, the coffees sold under the name mandheling are coffees from this region, or even sumatra mandheling. Until recently, coffee from sumatra did not leave according to origin.

One of the reasons for this is that although the origin is different, the results are very close to each other in terms of taste. two of the most known are takengon and lington. In other words, when you see the so-called coffees, the coffee that is actually grown in sumatra coffee, in Indonesia, is mentioned.
The raw core of sumatra coffee is quite different from other types of coffee. The cores are in the shades of green blue, escaping from the very dark gray, and they are irregular in shape and have a twisted look. however, unlike the classification system of other countries, these coffees are not visually differentiated, the separation criteria are more different, so the correct way of understanding whether a high-quality sum pope or the quality of the core from that environment is to be tested accurately.
In general, indonesia coffees, and of course dark roast in sumatra are preferred cores. Usually the second cracking and cutting of the roasting in the area will give better results, because in the more open cuts, the soil characteristics, which are the general characteristics of this seed, will be more dominant and leave a muddy taste. consuming these coffees as single origin, however, sumatra and other indonesian coffees are preferred for blending more blends.


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