Monumental tomb built with knowledge of architecture and astronomy: Newgrange

B.C. The Newgrange memorial tomb, thought to have been built in 3200, was founded near Dublin in Ireland. There was this monumental tomb in the period when the civilization of Egypt was not even more obvious, Babel or Cretan civilization was not born. During this period, Stonehenge, one of the most famous stone works of the world, was not yet built.
It is a monumental tomb estimated to be built in 3200 BC near Dublin. Even stonehenge is old.

The dome above the building is considered to be the engineering wonder.
The lower parts of which are heavy, the upper sides of the light stones are placed on top of each other, the top of the stone is placed a little more outward from the bottom. thus, a hexagonal chimney with a height of 6 meters appeared on the top of the building. At the end of the chimney there is a cover stone that can be opened and closed.
In the day of the sun, a very impressive light beam is formed in the structure. shortly after sunrise, the sunlight falls directly into the burial chamber. After that, it is reflected on various corridor doors and giant stones and finally reaches to the back wall.
and in the meantime, it creates an excellent light beam. All the stone blocks placed on another interesting subject are in the angle at which the light can be reflected and reflected.
it is not known by whom, how it was built, but it is certain that the people who built it is not primitive, but it is a good proof of the skills and intelligence of the old architects and builders.
There are no text or pictures in the structure, but there are 3 spiral carvings in the form of a signature.


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