Meaning and Effects of Colors

For many designers, colors are a tool that supports what is meant. These tools contain emotions. Emotions trigger buying, accepting and thinking the same. Each story to be told is reflected in people within the colors. Let's look at the emotional worlds of colors together.
Energy, excitement and the desire to buy as soon as possible. The red, seen as the color of blood and passion, can take quick action with the buttons "Buy Now" on the buttons. Red color, temperature, love, lust, force, danger has been seen as meaning psychological.
Companies such as Coca-Cola, GNC and RedBull use this color.

It is a magic of the orange color that many designers leave the effects of enthusiasm and "never before". In order to make a purchase as soon as possible, you may step forward with a button like "Own". Effects such as warm emotions, happiness, success, arousal, creativity are also the effects seen for the orange color.
Harley Davidson, Blogger, Fanta can leave a mark on these colors.
No color can give the sincerity of yellow. Imagine for a moment the world is like a young soul skateboarding yellow. The strengths of sun, sunlight, wisdom, and joy are the strengths of yellow. If you're going to make a yellow button, you probably write something like "Shop here." The most important effect is sincerity anyway.
Ferrari, MC Donalds brands are among those who trust this color.

Green reminds us of the money, makes you rich. At the same time, we can see that many companies are using the "Nature Friendly" image to create a "Rich" effect in green designs that include safety, nature, cleanliness and health. BP, Starbucks and the recycle logos we used in general used green.

A color that makes you feel professionalism and confidence is blue. You have seen a lot of designs in which the sky, sea, stability, calmness, masculine effect are explained in blue.
The effect of "Secure Shopping" in your buttons is combined with blue. Although we trust our confidence in Facebook blue color. Intel is still confident :)

The color of the sophistication and luxury also creates this effect in purple sales. A noble, strong, ambitious, rich, mysterious perception can be created with purple. Milka, Hallmark, FedEx, Yahoo purple. If you are selling luxury goods, you can choose the purple color.

Even its name is a color pink which adds sweetness and sugariness while creating the effect of how much biotic color. We don't want to discriminate, but they say that women have more influence on them. We're a liar of those who say. Youth, romanticism, feminine influence, health is reflected in the color. Victoria's Secret is not surprising to see this color in Barbie brands.

It is clear. King of colors. Now we seem to hear those who say it is not a black color, but it has a special place for designers. Strong, luxurious, sophisticated, powerful, cognitive feelings are among the effects of black. In short, you just type "Buy" on the buttons. Nike, Sony, WWF brands use black.


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