Main Differences Between Being Preconceived and Predictive

Until this time, there are two sayings, which are often confused and therefore very unlikely to be misused: Prejudice and foresight
Some people think of being prejudiced with incorrect dictionary knowledge, while others consider it to be mistaken to be foreseen with even more false knowledge. In this article, the fundamental differences of those who are prejudiced will be discussed. Both to prevent misuse and to analyze events with correct definitions Hem

Advance Prejudice

As is known, being prejudiced; prejudice means believing that he wants to do so without relying on any evidence or facts. In this respect, many injustice and nepotism cases take place in our lives as an extension of these judgments. A person who is foresight is a person who determines and makes decisions based on previous facts and events.


The general attitude of prejudiced movements is rather destructive rather than constructive. Not listening to the other side with the lı I saw this film. Al is nothing but the habit of mind. Predictive individuals provide analytical solutions by analyzing and analyzing situations. Criticizing what is worse, thinking that it might be better, is a product of a foresighted perspective.

Wisdom and Wisdom

Prejudice; pedanticism, fashion is based on the ruthlessness of expression. For example, a book is recommended to any person. He is an example of this prejudice if he answers such as ir I don't think I will read or love this book. O The answer is bil I don't know this book, I'll try to read it,. From this point of view, wisdom is a general attitude of a curious person, who is curious, while pedanticism draws a portrait of a person who thinks he knows everything and is therefore closed to new things.

Prejudice is a disease

Pre-judgment leading to further dimensions triggers anxiety disorders and paranoia. Various studies and investigations in this area have revealed that the pre-judicial level up to the acute level combined with stress leads to depression.
In short; If we are free from prejudices and we are more cautious and foresighted, the social order will also be rebuilt. The whole sociological base starts from the whole society. The humanitarian approach that always cares about the new and the counterparties will make the interpersonal law more luminous.
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