Lepus europaeus Pallas and Oryctolagus cuniculus L.

The rabbit, known as a hunting animal, is characterized by its stretched body, its short neck, its round head, its long rear legs, its short and upwardly curled tail. There is a deep cleft that divides its upper lip into two. These two sections are thick and in a volatile condition. a) Field Rabbit The narrow, long, rounded ears are longer than the head and bend forward and cross the nose. The upper side of the body is reddish yellow brown and the lower side is white. The meat is dark brown. Newborn babies have hairy eyes and eyes open. Whole body length 600-800 mm. the weight of the field rabbit is 3-6 kg. between. b) The Island Rabbit Ears are shorter than the head and do not reach the nose when they are bent forward, there is no black spot on their ears. The bottom of the ridge is dark gray, the upper gray is gray and the surrounding area is very light gray or white.

The meat is white. Newborn babies' body is hairless and closed eyes. Whole body length 320 - 450 mm. The weight of the island rabbit is 2 - 2.5 kg. between. They come out of their nests to feed at dusk. Island rabbits live collectively in their nests in mixed gallery systems where they carve in the soil. Field rabbits do not open a gallery in the soil. In the fields, they nest among the bushes and grasslands. Rabbits are always in the vicinity of where they are listening. They are protected from their enemies by hiding or escaping. The rear legs are longer than the front legs. They start to eat and start to eat. They keep going until the sun comes up. They are paired from spring to autumn. Pregnancy period is 30 days. They make 2-10 puppies each time. They give birth 2-4 times a year. Their lifespan is 5-8 years.

In the winter when the rabbit had difficulty in finding food, it was found that the field was covered with snow; fruit, poplar and willow seedlings gnawing the trunks, pine and other pointer leafy seedlings on the top of the ground level of the top shoots cause to dry. Melon and watermelons grown in mountainous and forested areas have also been found to cause significant damage. The rabbits, which begin to gnaw the watermelons that receive apple size, continue to suffer this loss until harvest. The melon and watermelons gnawed by the rabbits are usually decayed, and the ones that do not rot will not have a market value. From time to time it is harmful to eat vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce and carrots, and these animals are common to the foods of cattle and sheep since they are fed with alfalfa, meadow and pasture plants. The damage of the field rabbit is of economic importance in the years when the snow stays on the ground for a long time. The island rabbits are usually fed with weeds, but if they multiply, they make some of the crops by eating and eating. For some years, om-calann has produced economic damages so that they can dry the ovaries by gnawing their root throats and eating new shoots. Field rabbit, are seen virtually everywhere in Turkey. However, the island rabbit only lived in Çanakkale (Bozcaada) and Balıkesir, Bandırma (Foner island).

Birds such as wolves, lynx, wild cats, foxes, marten, dogs, jackals, weasels, and eagles, and hawkish birds are their natural enemies. There should not be frequent border fences to allow sheltering around the vineyards and gardens, and rabbit nests and galleries, which can be seen in the environment, should often be broken down. Seedlings should be protected with various obstacles. On the other hand the flesh where exploration rabbit damage, to benefit from the fur and hunting sports in Turkey by giving notice to hunters in that area or other regions in terms to provide its contribution to tourism hunting are also the most useful method for decreasing population.

Saplings and omcalar gnawed by rabbits from the soil level up to 1 m in height l it. 150 gr. the drug is sprayed until it gets wet with the mixture prepared. I used Pomarsol forte l it. 25 cc of Dow latex adhesive should be mixed into the melt. Spraying can be done by sprayer or a brush. It is necessary that the frost does not happen in the evening of the spraying day and the trees should not be wet when the spraying is done. The duration of protection of the drug is three months.

It is decided according to the prevalence of the genus and gnawing seedlings infested in the struggle of the field rabbit. If the damage it is considered important, the trees that we do not treat with a drug are sprayed. Pest control is done when rabbit damage is seen in our country, usually in November - December hits the month. Fighting is done by the rabbit in the root throats of the oms and in the shoots of the new vaccine. This damage is usually after the second half of March in the vineyards of Bozcaada.


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