Kidney Stone Risk in Overweight Children

The risk of kidney stones in overweight children is manifested by stones that are frequently seen in the kidneys and urethra, which occur with increasing obesity all over the world. In the world, rapidly progressing obesity, especially with newborn children starting with the number of other age groups taking into account the increase in the number of days of feeding, genetic, immobile life and many different causes of obesity in infants who indicate the necessity to pay attention to obesity underlines the discomfort associated with obesity. There is a risk of kidney stones at the beginning of obesity.
Obesity is one of the more common causes of obesity in children, obesity formed as a result of the inactive metropolitan life of frozen unhealthy foods, animal protein, refined carbohydrate and salt high foods, liquid drinks taken instead of liquid.

If you don't want to have fat and unhealthy children, you should be aware of the physician's suggestions and be aware of this. The food is just a need. You should emphasize the need to consume less like carbonated beverages, chips, roast, cookies, chocolate. As the metropolitan cities do not leave any space to breathe, the areas where children will spend time attract attention as shopping centers that encourage food. Thanks to the developing technology, it is among the factors that cause the obesity to spend most of its time by eating and sitting on computers.
As a conscious and sensitive parent, you first need to avoid stone formation and to deal with obesity:
* Teach the child how to drink water to teach the child how to drink water.
* Ensure regular and healthy nutrition for children. Explain the damage to unhealthy foods and keep them away.
* Inactivity brings fatness, so take your kids time to do sports like swimming with them walking.
* Do not forget to support your child in constant contact with a physician.
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