Information on Recurrent Pregnancy Losses

Recurrent pregnancy loss is defined as two or more pregnancy losses. Pregnant women more than 20 weeks before the weight of the baby is less than 500 grams of this baby is likely to fall. Low is the most common complication of pregnancy. We said it is a low, frequent event; but unaware of the pregnancy in the form of menstrual bleeding in abundance is quite. Inform your absolute physician of unknown infant losses. If you intend to become pregnant, inform your doctor about your previous losses.
All the losses should be examined carefully and their causes should be determined correctly. The couples with recurrent pregnancy loss prepare for another pregnancy without a medical evaluation and psychological support, indicating that the pregnancy is not true experts in these people can be faced with many reasons can be experienced in the mother should take psychological support for the trauma do not neglect to say.
As a result of the researches, it is explained that 2% of the pregnancies are faced with this problem. When the causes of recurrent miscarriage are investigated, many physical and lifestyle causes arise.

First of all, the following are the low causes of maternal candidates due to physical reasons. * Uterus, uterine structure disorders and cervix develops due to a lack of cervix. * Uterine structural disorders: In general, the uterus, intrauterine disorders, uterine adhesions, the absence of intrauterine compartment due to the occurrence of abortions occur. * In case of cervical incompetence: These abortions seen in 4-6 months are caused by cervical opening of the cervix and rupture of the pregnancy membrane. * Endocrine hormonal disorders also cause a low experience. Generally, diabetes, thyroid disorders, kopus luteum due to menstrual irregularity caused by hormonal disorders can be faced due to a low risk of experiencing. Advances in age are associated with a higher incidence of diabetes mellitus. * Infections: Research indicates that various infections cause miscarriages, but there is no information about the continuity of these disorders. Infections caused by various viruses and bacteria in the body trigger miscarriages. * Chromosomal disorders: One of the causes of recurrent losses in research in pairs is caused by chromosomal disorders. This discomfort experienced in our country with a very high rate is the low cause of the genetic diseases that the mother and father are only carriers in their lives. * Environmental and vital factors: As the age of conception increases, recurrent pregnancy losses occur more frequently.
Cigarette and alcohol consumption is in loss, while excessive caffeine intake is among the low causes. Stressful living conditions as a result of all these environmental causes, mother candidates may face recurrent pregnancy losses.
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