How to tell if coffee is fresh?

There are a few things that need to be considered to consume the coffee fresh at its best.
roasted kernel for coffee
determines the freshness of coffee, heat, light, moisture and naturally time factors. if it is well protected from the first three, only the time factor remains, which is 3 weeks from the moment of grasping. The core coffee alone does not mean fresh coffee. Taking coffee as a core is not a guarantee of freshness. The guarantee of freshness is the history of coffee roasting. coffee roasting date is unknown or on just the expiration date of coffee will be reasonable to stay away from the coffee.

for ground coffee
time factor goes ahead. Because the ground coffee is in the form of particles, it is more exposed to other factors, the staling process is accelerated. for maximum performance, the coffee must be consumed without grinding. 3 minutes with the most optimistic approach should not be. this applies to any type, every brand of coffee, and for each grinding thickness.

There are several ways to understand the stale of roasted 2 coffee
- if your nose is working well, you can smell side by side, even if you don't have coffee from the same locality, it will smell more dominant.

- take the same amount of both, take the same thickness, put them in two identical cups, pour over the water at the same temperature to the boiling point. the more fresh the foaming will be, the more stale. this can also be seen during cooking. fresh coffee comes out more foam no matter which cooking method.

- You can prepare the coffee with the same method and look at each other side by side. the more aroma will rise from the fresh one, and the more vibrant it will come from the tastefully stale.
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