How to make sage? What is its benefits ? Who should not drink sage?

Sage benefits have begun to be explored from past to present. The sage, which contains many elements in it, was called '' every day '' during the Middle Ages. Even in the Middle Ages people were raising sage even in their gardens.

Plants that form the genus Salvia belonging to the Ballibabagiller family and which are also fragrant are called sage. Flowers resemble violets and leaves are knurled. It is also known to be white and green.
Benefits of Sage (Tea)

- It is beneficial to remove harmful toxins from the body.
- It has a positive effect in terms of cleaning the liver.
- Reduces excessive sweating.
- Calming feature.
- Reduces stress.
- Hair has a whitening effect.
- Strengthens memory.
- Helps against Alzheimer's in positive sense.
- Reduces blood sugar.
- It is known to be used in the treatment of oral wounds.
- Relieves nerve-induced headaches.
- He runs the gall bladder.
- It relieves sore throat.
- Good for stomach and intestinal gases.

Here are the benefits of sage

Useful to the brain

Sage is known to be beneficial to the brain. It is said to be good for Alzheimer's disease as well as its strengthening effect.

Heals the cervix

It has a relieving effect on the uterus. It removes inflammation in the uterus, it is recommended to drink 1 cup per day for children who want to have children.


It helps to reduce hot flashes and various complaints in women during menopause.

Keeps Vigorous

It is good for fatigue and fatigue. Helps you stay fit and vigorous. However, due to the effect of lowering blood pressure, it should be consumed in a moderate amount.

Cleans blood

One of the most important benefits of sage is the sputum that occurs in the airways, sputum release from the stomach and the microbes that occur in the blood.


Sage has a calming and soothing effect on the nerves. When you feel nervous and nervous, a glass of sage will allow you to relax and relax.

Reduces kidney stones

Helps to reduce stones in kidney and bladder. For kidney and bladder stones, you can boil 80 g of sage in one liter of water.

Prevent excessive sweating

If you suffer from excessive sweating complaints, you can reduce the question of sweating by drinking 1 sage a day.

Provides thickening of hair strands

You can rinse your hair with sage and massage your hair. This will prevent the thickening of your hair strands and hair loss.

Sage for sore throat

If you are allergic to any medication, you can treat the pain and inflammation in your throat by making sage gargling. For this, you will need to boil the leaves of the mouth of your mouth in a warm way to mouth gargles will be sufficient.

Bleeding gums sage

If you are suffering from gingivitis and bleeding, you can treat this problem naturally with sage. After brushing your teeth, it is enough to gargle with sage.

How to make sage?
If you are using sage for drinking, you should pay attention to a number of points. Sage is usually infused by people wrongly and unhealthy. In this way, the sage can pose a threat to health. Therefore, we need to know the answer to the question of how the sage is infused.


1 and a half cups of water
1 tablespoon sage

How to make sage?
First, boil the water in a pot. Then remove the boiled water from the stove and empty the leaves of sage. Close the mouth of the cup, so let it infuse for 5 min.

If you infuse for more than 5 minutes, the taste of tea will be bitter. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the duration of the demlene.
Another question about sage with a wide range of health is the question of whether or not it weakens the sage. It also has a weakening effect due to its sage holder and fat burning effect. You can stay squeezed by adding sage to your diets and accelerate your digestive system.
It will be possible to lose weight with sage because of accelerating digestive system and fat burning effect.

In order to lose weight with sage, you can add a few leaves of cassia in the tea. After your meal, sage will help you lose weight by accelerating your digestive system.

However, as in any herbal tea sage should not miss the size of the measure otherwise it is beneficial for your health, this plant can become harmful. Sage does not have any harm in terms of health, but the high level of consumption may pose a serious threat to health.
Who should not drink sage?

- Sage with very low blood pressure should not consume frequently.
- It is not recommended to use sage for those who use the drug continuously.
- Sage consumption is not recommended for diabetics.


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