How to draw a self-confident image to the other side using body language?

Body language tactics that you can use to draw a confident image to the other side.
unfortunately in our world, books are evaluated by looking at their covers and their appearance in humans. this is not fair but this is the truth. if you don't have a safe exterior, you have many problems in both your business and private life.

Being self-confident is an internal situation and it is not possible to win it immediately, but the only easy way to do this is to consciously change your body language and give a safe image to the outside world. If your body's shape is reflected in your inner world and you use the right body language, you can improve the perception you give out and feel more secure.

Today I will share with you the five special body language tactics that you can easily use after reading this article. Don't just read these tactics and start practicing.

1) Eye contact
Even if you are the best listener and pleasant chatter in the world, you cannot make good eye contact and if your eyes are constantly shifting to the ground, to the air, to the right and to the left instead of the eyes of the person in front of you, the other party will consider you as an unsafe person. If you want to leave a strong first impression on someone else look into your eyes with a smile. you don't have to do this for a very long time, and it will annoy you. however, the most visible part of the speech is the eyes of the people. if you do it in a sincere manner with a warm smile, in a very short period of time by taking the person in front of you by bringing a sense of trust in him.

If you cannot adapt yourself to this and looking at other people's eyes raises feelings of discomfort, concentrate on the eyes of the person you are accustomed to. it will awaken the feeling that you are looking into your eyes. but the best thing to do is to familiarize yourself with eye contact in a short time.

The first thing about men and women that affect people is that they are all "impressive eyes". however, the power of these people is not from the special structure of their eyes, but from the practice of establishing the right eye contact with the people in front of them. practice in the mirror, then try concentrating on the eyes of the people or videos you watch. very short eye contacts with people you encounter on the street (do not exaggerate). As you familiarize yourself with eye contact, your activity will gradually increase. If you wear one of the number one glasses, the effect is further enhanced by the frames. The only thing you should avoid is to wear sunglasses when talking to people. people are uncomfortable with people they can't see their eyes.
2) head shaking movement
When you listen to someone in the tweets gently shaking your head to the other side of the feeling of listening to him when you use the words "yes" or "understand" to use the words as you can communicate with you and make the other side relax. people are truly abusive to people who are truly interested in listening to them, and showing them to you will be much more impressive than you are. the biggest mistake you can make is not to make any eye contact.

3) have your hands
Talking or listening to someone while tugging your clothes, playing with your charms or turning your mobile phone in your hand, give up all movements. When people get angry, they do not stand with their hands, and they can tear their places in order to free their stress energy. this type of movement shows you in an insecure way. You can use your hands to strengthen your message while talking, but other than that, keep your hands in a steady place. The main difference between safe people and insecure people is their speed of using their bodies. Safe people move slowly and confidently, no matter what they are doing. self-insecure people constantly make fast and uncontrolled body movements.

4) pull your hands especially off your face
Speaking of hands, the most important point is to completely stop playing with your face. Any situation where hands are taken to the face gives a different message of insecurity to the other party. your hands to your mouth to take your mouth or your mouth with your mouth or your beard to sıvazlamak "lie" can give the image. If you take your hand to your ear, "you're not sure what they say" you produce. rubbing your head and neck is a sign of fear or distress. in short, keep your hand away from your face and head.

5) the general stance of the body is the most basic indicator of confidence or distrust
any kind of posture that you put down your shoulders and tilt your forehead will make you look insecure. get yourself upright, but don't overdo it like a robot. do not lean forward nor hold a soft posture between the two sticks. If you listen to someone sitting while leaning forward you can show that you are interested in his words, but if you bend both too weak and you will be disturbed by violating his personal space. In order to understand the setting of this type of thing, my advice to you is to thoroughly examine how the cinema or series of characters playing the self-confident male or female roles is used. good actors and actresses are experts in reflecting self-confidence with body languages and teach you a lot if you watch them carefully.


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