How to correct migraine disorder?

It is usually a discomfort, a migraine that causes attacks that are very severe. There are some suggestions from someone who has experienced this damn thing people have been suffering from for years.
First of all, you need to make sure you are diagnosed with migraine. a doctor told me, "When the brain is normal, everything is normal." I do not know how accurate and inclusive information. There are experimental methods, drugs such as dideral is reducing the severity of the pain you are experiencing and your doctor can write if it sees fit. strong painkillers, a tiny bit again.
anyway, these are not my specialty. Based on my personal experience, let's talk about it in your life that you can change.
first item, sleep pattern
to sleep well, to get a good sleep the biggest weapon against migraine crisis. When stress increases the level of unhappiness, the first thing that is affected is the sleep pattern; I have to try everything to sleep: sports, calming herbal teas, more noiseless songs ... I don't sleep without reading books, for example, I feel missing. When you read about twenty pages, your rhythm of balance is balanced in a line, you get calm. clean sheets, pillow case etc. everything becomes a lot easier when you have a good quality sleep.
second item, eating habit
The second stop of the destruction, which usually starts with a violation of the first article, is anorexia. Of course you can also be influenced by psychological situations that are independent of sleep, but you should keep in mind: if you only have breakfast with cigarette-coffee, you have no chance against migraines if you take a snack. A full breakfast is a balanced and healthy nutrition program. digestive system and food that will not force -gluten containing everything is very tired-coffee, cigarettes, alcohol should be as far away as possible. one of my teachers asked the complex against the question of the students shouting "yahu you're engineer! It is your job to think and apply the shortest way to simplify all problems, with a few boxes to simplify solutions until you go," he said. Let us simplify: we are like a plant, are fed with sunlight. Do not forget to drink water, feed the roots and go out.
I know the sun is making a crappy impression but it feels good to get some to act. When you wear your sunglasses and take short walks, your appetite is opening up a little bit and the laziness brought by the stagnation is being cut.
third item, light
Get a good quality sunglasses, not dark glasses, prefer to wear more light glasses. white light, the biggest enemy after the fluorescent sun. Avoid, avoid. you can not escape, you can change your seat to prevent your eyes directly from the hat can be relieved with a number of obstacles such as your eyes. In the office, I met a maniac who lifted the entire department to escape the light and the glass. for the intense lights of electronic devices is necessary to take precautions. Find the special command for your computer, which allows you to reduce the f.lux lifesaver, your smartphone and your tablet to further reduce light settings. For example, for android, at least for Android. Choose the dim living areas, daylight led bulbs in your home. There is an unnecessary amount of light source and chandelier density in an average Turkish family home.
fourth item, sound
I'm not saying the ringtones out of your life, is it life? You know, some mornings you will experience high levels of migraine pain, stay away that day. Stay away during times of crisis, earbuds, multi-phone calls. bass and drum notes are predominant music genres, the pain of the days of your own forced and evening friends with the flattened, go to noisy places. go home and rest in a quiet, lightless environment.
fifth item, odor
you can choose organic, olive-based shower gels, soap and shampoos. You must not constantly expose yourself to an odor. Isn't it enough to be clean? instead of deodorant, you should prefer spray deodorants, roll-ons and insist on more unisex varieties. I have a roll-on or spray deodorant produced by the nivea's creamy scent. it is both very effective and more odorless and does not leave any trace on clothes.
Sixth item, cleaning
dust what makes you kneeling to the american army. In the frame of a layout you need to take the dust, sweep. If you have a pet, if you have an allergic body, you must be more careful. I've given you great information about vinegar. you can not guess how much you will relax when you clean your pet, the area where you live with a little vinegar.
seventh item, wind
You will protect yourself, it's as simple as that. you can be on the field due to your job, for example, buffs can be used to cut the wind like a band, the more cold climates in a simple hat instead of a hat to keep your head and your head warm can be preferred.
eight, everything that supports the immune system
I think it's all about this matter. The universal set of substances I'm telling each other is closely related to the immune system. the next day should be a motivation to wake up to the human. Be in love - not to a person, but to a creative concept, work or sport - buy or produce pets. Write, draw, work with music. it gives a great positive momentum to the soul.
My dear friends, I could write them in a snap.
I'm sorry for the slice from the didactic, I can't handle it for the second time because I've been grappling with migraine pain for ten days and my tolerance has fallen to the limit. But there's nothing to do, we have to live, right?

Get well soon.


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