How Is Life Really In Singapore With Interesting Rules?

Singapore is a small island country with a population of five million. However, unlike other island countries, it is a country known for its intriguing rules and surprising layout. How is long-term life in this prescriptive country, where tourists are generally praised?
How beautiful is a place in Singapore?
of course .. also the beauty of singapore uglyness .. not the boredom and monotony .. maybe come as tourists, 3-5 days thick, but what do you say marvelous, but live different .. Look, I'm just telling ..

Singapore and security
If you don't find your wallet in the pavement, you can come back in half an hour and if you don't find it, someone will find the wallet, look for you, give it to the police, etc. (I kiss the exceptions) why? Because most of the people who live are white-collar employees .. they don't steal it ... the rest of them will throw me out of the country 3.5 throws because the sker are sorry, if they are not a singapore but a poor fukaran that is worn with a work permit .. this country is executed and the existing penalties are heavy .. to get drunk and an American banker who pisses in the ATM, jail, 6 months or what they are deporting him .. To get him out of jail from the American Senate, etc. enters, bush is looking for the head of Singapore, the result is the same ... 6 months in prison .. :) ok to pee to piss in the ATM all the same, only the example of the father so ..

singapore and cleaning
frustratingly Chewing gum is not illegal in the country even in the streets gum illegal .. Asdadadaş cigarette butts in the street of $ 300 (or jail) penalty for throwing garbage on the street according to the size of the $ 300 to $ 1000 to go up. (or jail) walk to the red light for pedestrians 20 dollars. If you get caught again $ 1000 or 3 months of imprisonment, if you get caught again, $ 2000 and 6 months in prison .. :) This is fine, but the fines of cleaning, we need to .. I do not want to smoke from outside the country .. only when entering the Have an open package allowed. every cigarette sold in the country, there is a logo, the cigarette smoking in the logo you do not get a penalty .. though they do not shake, but let's say you've been policing another issue, that cigarettes into your ass .. do not count the drugs, but not already, direct execution ..

a place like this is a world punishment singapore .. e ske ske ske is beautiful ..

singapore and education
education is good, and very heavy .. the children know that the midwifery .. and all children in school life during the incredible pressure, that school can not win the following you did not get the scylids of life, they grow up with the words ... all so light depressed. I didn't ever see a naughty boy on the street , running here and there, screaming ..
singapore and art
mediocre .. there is no artist, there are not many talented musicians artists etc but there is no original .. because there is no environment to be original .. there is not just perfectionism .. most of the men are familiar artists mefta .. from the old period ie from the new era there is a lot of talented genco, but friends, who can not go beyond doing what it is said, something I was very surprised, it was the second week of coming, I like this everywhere I put the knee (knees) and watercolors on the knees. This is the first country I have ever seen people painting on so many streets, I am also a fine arts graduate, so I was intrigued by the way that I was interested .. that all of them were doing the same thing, that is, other buildings were drawing landscapes. If you put the picture side by side, you should draw the same person from them. z am amk he said .. famous bi facebook group, there is a bi, there are workshops that want to learn, learn, and then draw on the left .. to do drawing for the task even amk .. skerler I do not say that the sun blue paint. I'm serious, but if I was born here, I'd have my head full of ass.

singapore and culture
There is such a thing that there is an ambiguous culture. After the British colony, a lot of British culture has been moistened, then from malay to turkey, from chinese to shit, everyone has added something. Nobody shakes anyone about religions .. nor Muslim Christians, what Buddhist atheists, what Jewish Jews know, they all hang out together .. I think this is the only nice thing about this cosmopolitan culture .. Is there a bottom-bottom racism, a religion of interreligious discrimination? And how .. but what you hear about it, what you'll witness ... because in essence they all laugh half to your face on these issues. It's months or a day. Because it is forbidden.
singapore is one of the best sides of the world aside but the only country that has the most boring, most uniform, non-originality originality. Even on the street one, such as lightly marginal, head painted, punk etc. you cannot see the type. everyone in the commercial films you know how to get out of the family of parents is a child model .. I've never seen such an artificial community of people such ordinary, social life ... even if you meet the people you meet on the left is even the same ... you won't find any surprising, intriguing, and striking characters.

but perhaps the foreign expat from living expatlardan, they are in a short time to keep up with this monotonous lifestyle and boils in the way .. the life of every form of life in singapur, 9-5 working to earn a white collar .. but white collar saying, you know, noon Drinking the lattes, all the habits imposed by the mainstream media fully fulfilled all the standard, shallow, cattle, unconscious consumer model in terms of white collar .. offf not such a boring so I can not tell .. the biggest entertainment of men to go hunting, night to go to the bar and sports. this much.

and these people's procession, the British, as a social behavior, to be political, learn from the cradle .. what they think is not important .. laughs on your face, yes they say. show like hometown amk. When you look at a country, a person or you say, because of its special features, there is no such thing here .. a shallow bourgeoisie who insistently makes a premium.

blue collar and working in the service industry, ie, the people you call the people, people are much more beautiful, the inside of the outside is a .. they do not publicly say what they think, but they do not bend, bend at least ..

I've traveled more than 30 countries .. I've never seen such a crappy place to live .. To live I mean by boredom to go and not live in a Swedish town in northern Europe. you want to hit every person with a shovel after an hour .. because being respectful and civilized, what is the difference between being a standard character and being a lathe.

Come back for 3-5 days, then don't praise on the left, I'll break your heart.
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