How did the International Women's Day of March 8 emerged?

A short history of World Working Women's Day, celebrated every year on March 8th.
The date when a day was expressed for the first time with the name of "women's day" was 28 February 1909 (actually the last Sunday of February). The statement of this women's day in a 1909 statement of the American Socialist Party is the first example in history, although not international.

In August 1910, in an international meeting under the leadership of this party, the recommendations of luise zietz and clara zetkin were made, from 1911 onwards, the women's day was set to 18 March. it was. In addition, in the United States in the last Sunday of February, national women's day continued to be celebrated as.
In 1913, in Russia, women, as in America, adopted the last Sunday of February as women's day. however, as the julien calendar was used in Russia, the corresponding week in julien between 22-28 February corresponded to the Gregorian, or the Gregorian calendar, between 7 and 13 March.
In 1917, the first of the two revolutions that took place in the city of Petrograd (in St. Petersburg) in 1917 was the February Revolution. julien calendar, 23 february on (march 8 march) days, women's day started because of the protest of women's protests, turned into a revolution initiative. from October 1917, after the October Revolution, 8 March was determined as World Women's Day both in Russia and all over the world. The official status of the soviet socialist republics in 1965 after the introduction of "8 March as the working day of the world working women", the status of the laborer began to be widely used throughout the world. in other words, it is a day of international women's day coming to 8 march because the Russians copied the Americans according to julien and then they were adjusted without julien-gregoryan. If the differences between calendars were taken into consideration, it would still be the day we would celebrate the last Sunday of February. or 18 March. history doesn't really matter. But here is the 8th of March. p.s.i. laborer
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