Google's Domain Name Extension for Developers: .DEV

Google's domain name sector to the sector, who can not go through the chimney, developers have a good news! Last year in May, with the .app domain names, the company wants to keep the hearts of the developers with .dev domain names.
The Internet world is deeply troubled by domain names. It is estimated that around 100 thousand new domain names are registered every day around the world. The order in which the holder is held and the first area passes through Üsküdar makes it difficult to reach yourself or your brand names.

Google's strategy is precisely this point: new point-of-name extensions, which are more clueless to yourself and your brand or....

.DEV Where Did It Come Out? How did it come out? Where did it go?
DEV comes from the shortening of the word “Development iyor, which is used in English in terms of alt Development DEV. Likewise, the GIANT acronym between developers has been used for years to emphasize software.
With Google, Google wants to secure a safe TLD for the ecosystem, and to make sure that the internet doesn't restrict their manufacturers from thinking about new ideas.

Currently, some companies can already use the .dev domain. After that, anyone can register their .dev domain name.

.dev domains can be registered via Google's partners and Google Domains. The registration price of the extension is the profit margin of the partners and so on. changes due to factors.

.DEV Domain Extension Who is it?
If we look at the blog post that Google announced a new domain, the domain name .dev seems to be quite suitable for more than 1 billion developers, designers, writers and engineers.
The primary target group of the DEV is of course developers and developers. But the door is not covered in the others' face. Company; wants everyone to be able to publish their works and technologies in the internet world by purchasing a DEV extension.
The .dev domain is used as a TLD (Top-Level Domain), like Google. In addition, Google has an obligation to use an SSL certificate to use .DEV, as in previous domain names.

According to this requirement, anyone who wants to use .dev should prepare their SSL with the domain name. At the moment, many companies offer standard SSL free with the records made in the first year so that people can get used to it, but for the following years, domain owners must add the SSL cost to their account.

Apparently, Google will have many more TLDs to be an alternative to .COM.

So, do you look at the new TLDs like .DEV, .APP or .PAGE? Have you used any of these domain names?
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