GitHub Announces Fastest Growing Programming Languages

GitHub, the holy refuge of developers, published a new report in 2018 with programming languages that show rapid growth.
According to the report, based on data from GitHub developers, there is an effective increase in the popularity of statically typed languages. Kotlin, who joined the market as fresh blood, is at the top of the list, while TypeScript and the Rust duo are just after the climax.
There are many details about the programming language trends in the report. For example, the HCI developer population, which is a preferred and human-readable language by DevOps, has managed to increase the population doubly since 2017.

Python, which has become the safe haven of machine learning area, is able to maintain its position by logging into the 8th list while Go has managed to increase the developer population 1 and a half times compared to last year.

Let's not forget that GitHub is hosting 96 million code repos, 21 million organizations and 31 million developers. Therefore, GitHub's report on programming languages is believed to draw a realistic picture on behalf of the sector.
What do you think about the report? Do you think GitHub's report reflects the reality of the sector?
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