Food that won't make you hungry

Many people get to lose weight. If you don't want to lose weight, you should eat food that won't make you hungry.
* Dried apricots: These delicious pieces contain vitamin A, fiber, potassium, low fat and high carbohydrates. You can have your breakfast, afternoon snacks and dessert after dinner.
* Dried figs: Dried figs also contain carbohydrates and fiber such as apricots. These easily digestible foods are also ideal for runners. It is the most ideal snack when you get hungry.

* Banana: Carbohydrate and vitamin B6 depot. During breaks, you can eat before, during or after exercise.
* Oats: Research shows that oats lower cholesterol. Energy-saving oatmeal food is a good option for a snack. You can eat in the morning or on the walk.
* Fruit Milk: If you mix the fruit with soy milk, you will get a healthy nutrient. This drink contains potassium, vitamin C and vitamin A, fiber and calcium according to the fruit you add. Breakfast is a good snack to regain energy before hiking.
* Light yogurt: Calcium, potassium, protein and high carbohydrate source. Yogurt not only makes you hungry, it also strengthens your immune system.
* Skim milk with muesli or cornflakes: skimmed milk with muesli or cornflakes to help you not be hungry all day long. You can slice through your favorite fruits. You can eat this mixture before or after the walk.
* Light biscuits and chocolates: Market light fruit and biscuit options are available. Select the highest carbohydrate or protein content. Eat one before walking or walking.

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