First Flight of Electric Aircraft

In recent years, electric airplanes made a record-breaking record, while Airbus's electric plane, E-Fan, successfully completed its first public flight. Airbus will use the technology it uses on the plane to be based on other electric aircraft. Airbus Group (previously EADS) developed and developed by European aviation firms on the plane previously on March 11, 2014 had made a non-public flight. This project, evolved from the previous Airbus Cri-Cri electric plane, was developed with the E-Fan for improved battery and electrical management.

Produced entirely from composite material, the E-Fan is 6.7 meters long and has a wing width of 9.5 meters. Two electric motors powered by 60 kW give the plane the appearance of a toy. A group of 250 V lithium-ion polymer batteries produced by KOKAM (Korean) is enough to lift the aircraft. These batteries stand in a special section inside the wings, can fly the plane for 1 hour and charge in 1 hour. The most worrying air charge problem allows emergency discharges thanks to the spare battery. E-Fan is the key technology in energy management. E-FADEC automatically controls electrical systems. Airbus thus facilitates system controls in the E-Fan to be used as training aircraft. Another interesting detail is the special stern engine with a 6 kW engine, unlike the three-wheel aircraft. This engine seems to be quite interesting, this aircraft in the process of taxiing and also provides the necessary power to exit 60 km speed. The Airbus Group plans to exhibit the E-Fan in the ILA Berlin and Farnborough Air Show. Airbus also plans to produce 2 and 4 models of this aircraft. The 2-person E-Fan 2.0 will work electrically and will increase the range by working with the e-Fan 4.0 hybrid engine. In the video you can see the flight of the plane. The aircraft, which stands out with its zero emission and silence, gives hints about the future. Let's see if we can be electric in big planes in the future.


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