Do Animals Dream?

Can animals dream? What do they see if they can? An article that looks at the scientific data of the world of animals that remain a little mysterious for the human being.
The dream of animals is a possible phenomenon
this is also possible, which raises another question. What do they see in their dreams if they dream? Are the body movements of these creatures (bites, running, mating, etc.) enough data to prove to us that they are dreaming?

starting from a simple inductive perspective, even if not all, some animals have the imagination (to reach food, catch their prey, etc.). And if they have brains, it's okay, they're having this dream ...

Since an animal (mammals such as a mouse, cat, dog, etc.) who began to react bodily at a certain moment in sleep exhibited behaviors that were not aware of where they were awakened at that moment, darwin attributed this to the continuation of mental experience. later this experiment was supported by more concrete data. In humans, a person who is awakened during rem sleep will remember his dream more easily than in other stages. Going back to research, it was supported by the presence of bodily movements in some birds and mammals in higher levels of evolution, suggesting that there was a rem sleep and dreaming. (see the video below!) but even if they're dreaming it's impossible to know what they see. they are probably dreaming about their past experiences.
Can a lion kidnap his prey, how in his dream do I think I might miss, or can he begin his dream to develop new strategies for the next predator relationship? why not! perhaps dreams have a tremendous impact on animal learning. the bad news is that this situation is not clear yet. Fortunately, we know that at least they're dreaming. what information does this work in everyday life? Maybe you're the cat's superhero that you give me tonight! Isn't this even a nice start?

we can get those who want to continue to the book of the animal mind of the 2001 edition of tübitak publications. reading a book under the scientific consultancy of ali demirsoy, like visiting a island that you know you are a guest but never strangled. We have not forgotten those who do not have a book!
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