Diseases That May Cause Risk in Pregnancy

For some mothers, getting pregnant may have very risky consequences. First of all, it is useful to address the risky diseases.

Pregnancy-Related Diabetes

Pregnancy-related diabetes is a disease that causes frequent and very serious problems. From this disease, the mother and the infant may face very different and permanent problems. Pregnant women, large birth, shortness of breath, blood sugar and calcium level fall, jaundice, premature birth, after the birth of death in the womb and obesity and diabetes may face with the risk of meeting during their lifetime. Pregnancy diabetes is very high in mothers. Pregnancy poisoning, infection risk, difficult delivery, postpartum hemorrhage may occur.

If you are a mother with diabetes, taking precautions before pregnant wedges is important for your baby and your health. These risks are very low in pregnancies that are kept under control and you are able to have a pregnancy without any problems. Be aware that you need to be conscious If you are sick, it is easy to have a baby, but before a healthy baby, a healthy baby will be in your lap after your own health.

Pregnancy Poisoning

It is a discomfort caused by rising tension during pregnancy. Pregnancy poisoning is a disease that only manifests itself in pregnancy, which manifests itself in the hands, feet, face swelling and edema after high blood pressure.
Early detection of hypertension in the mother can be controlled, the mother's way of life change and medication with the mother and baby under normal circumstances will have no problem with the mother baby.
The symptoms I have mentioned above are non-severe symptoms. If this condition is unnoticed and late, the pregnancy should be terminated or two severe consequences may be encountered. The mother-in-law may have a seizure-style crisis called brain seizures called eclampsia. If a rapid path is not followed, the mother may experience permanent brain damage.
The placenta affected by the rising blood pressure of the mother will leave the uterus and collect blood. The baby going to the baby will be completely cut off in this way, the baby will die in the mother's abdomen. There are effects in maternal health. In this section, the body who wants to prevent blood clotting by rapidly collecting, after a period of inadequacy of clotting can be rapidly uncontrollable bleeding.
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