Details of how valuable the forests are for the world and human life

Thanks to the environment week, a structure chemicals company can share some strange information even though it is very strange:

1. An hour-to-hour carbon dioxide in 40 people turns an adult pine tree into oxygen in an hour.
2. 1 hectare pine forest filters up to 36.4 tons of dust in the air.

3. 1 hectare pine forest produces 30 tons of oxygen per year.
4. The adult can hold 10 tons of water with a beech roots.
5. The trees prevent the rain from coming down to the ground directly, and keep the rain water in the basin.

6. 250 m. The width of the forest reduces noise by 50%

7. The forests also have very important services such as regulating water, protecting the soil, influencing the climate, preserving nature and beautification.

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