Chlidonias hybridus

Whiskered tern ( Chlidonias hybridus ), tern (Sternidae) from the family of a bird species . Features: The size is typical of black feathers, strong beak (25 and27 mm in males, shorter than females, 29u34 mm in diameter) and more positive flight, similar to common or arctic tern, but with short forked tail and dark gray up and down breeding bird feathers, typical are characteristics of marsh terns.
The summer adult has white cheeks and red legs and beak. Subspecies:This bird has several geographical forms, mostly separated by size and small feather . Ch hybridus is seen in warmer parts of Europe and Asia . The smaller-beaked and darker Ch delalandii is found in eastern and southern Africa , and the subspecies seen from pale-colored Java to Australia are found in C.h. javanicus tour. Spreading: Tropical forms are built in but African and southern Asian birds spend the winter in Europe and south Asia in the south. The birds of this species are found in colonies in the marshes of the inner region, sometimes among black-headed gulls that provide some protection .
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