Change of ideas about people known through social media over time: Splitting

Although it is only known through social media, when people are met in real life with unreasonable anger, ideas can change in the opposite way. Of course there is a psychological explanation of this situation.
in psychology there is an unconscious defense mechanism called splitting. the splitting person detects his self, the other and the world by dividing it into two as good and evil and cannot bring these two sides together. intensive use of this mechanism causes a distorted world.

social media is a structure that encourages splitting, because individuals are here as part objects in exactly the right way. An entry, a photo, a person you know with a tweet is of course more than a full person, it is only one face of a person, sometimes a moment. And if you don't like that face, it makes it easy to identify and praise or to perceive good if you like anger and othering, ie bad perception or face.
so it's much easier to feel anger or admiration for people who you know through social media and who don't have a personal relationship, that is, making them a bad or good piece of object, it's much easier to perceive that person as a real and holistic image.
If you drink coffee in the real world with someone you feel angry about saying 'not so bad'; If you sit here and chat with someone you admire, it's possible that you said 'that's it'.


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