Autonomous Vehicle Talking With People Around is one of the latest examples of driverless transportation technology built on artificial intelligence. Autonomous vehicle projects, which have been invested by the big companies in recent years, seem to take the pleasure of driving by the drivers in the future. The project is planning to bring solutions to large cities where parking problems are experienced during the day when the transportation is accelerating. Thanks to the digital signage on the vehicle, facilitates interaction with pedestrians, and it seems to be one of the key solutions that can solve everyday transportation problems. Apart from improved artificial intelligence, there are sensors, communication system and an in-car interface to control the vehicle and prevent accidents.

After three years of work with a team leaving the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Stanford University, was ready for traffic. Sameep Tandon, co-founder and CEO of, which has more than 150 employees, thinks that non-driver vehicles offer a solution for crowded city lives and improve the quality of life. He also says that artificial intelligence technologies are safe, intelligent and adaptable, and that innovation is an innovation that can solve transportation problems for companies and states. The tools based on machine learning and artificial intelligence are trying to relate with the customers it carries.'s product and design leader, Bijit Halder, says they focus on how the driver can be changed. In this way, the vehicles that can communicate with the customers are giving more confidence. In addition to the trust that the vehicle provides to the passengers by communicating with the vehicle, it also carried out studies to prevent problems in the traffic. Simulation team and code printers made a detailed inspection and measurements of the used Nissan NV200 minibuses. Thanks to the cameras placed on the vehicle, artificial intelligence is provided to predict the dangers that may occur in the vicinity of the vehicle. Furthermore, electronic signboards were placed at the corners of the vehicle where pedestrians could see. Thus, when the vehicle starts moving, it can be noticed more easily by pedestrians.
Started to serve in Texas, based in California, the driverless vehicles of the state of Texas, Frisco and Arlington, the passengers are ready to use., which operates over mobile application, can be used free of charge during pilot program time. In July 2018, the pilot program began in Frisco, where the City Transport Management Association (TMA), Denton County Transportation Management (DCTA), Frisco Station, Blue Star Transport and HALL Park was cooperated with. The company has reached more than 10,000 people, including workers at HALL Park and people visiting the city. is considering developing the service program of the pilot program. The service started in October 2018 in Arlington. The company aims to reduce the traffic congestion at the event times, with stops at the centers where high participation events such as Dallas Cowboys Stadium, The Texas Rangers Stadium and the Arlington Convention Center are held. is one of the finalists of the Smart Cities, Transportation & Delivery category at SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards 2019.


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