Appetizing foods or foods that make you hungry

The rate of nutrient uptake of blood sugar is called glycemic index . The rate at which each nutrient raises blood sugar after meals is different. Foods with a high glycemic index create a constant sense of hunger. Glycemic index values of carrots, corn, peas and potatoes are high.

Foods that make you hungry:
Grapefruit: Diet is one of the things you need to stay away from grapefruit. Greyfurd, which is protective against cancer, has a bad side appetite.

Black cabbage: Black cabbage, which is good for liver and some types of blood cancer, is also a good appetizer.
Potatoes: The compounds in the structure of potatoes have a blood pressure lowering effect; This is among the foods with a high glycemic index of potatoes, especially in the form of roasting is cooked very quickly causes you to open.
Pea: Glycemic index is high, increasing the sense of hunger, too much food.
Red Pepper: Red pepper with cholesterol inhibition properties. Therefore, when you eat a bitter food, you can't understand what you're satisfied.
Chickpea: chickpea, which cleanses the stomach and serves as appetite, although it is beneficial in terms of health, is a lot of weight that should not be consumed while losing weight.
Fig: Weight loss of the figs opens appetite, so it is not recommended to eat during the diet period.
Carrot: Carrot calories and glycemic index is higher than other vegetables. For this reason, the carrots must be absent in diets.
Alcohol: Try to avoid alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages give you calories and cause appetite.
Salt: Salt has an appetizing property. After a very salty food, the desire to eat dessert is due to fluctuations in your blood sugar. In particular, diet should be avoided.
Cinnamon: Cinnamon, which is indispensable especially for desserts, is also one of the spices that makes it very fast.
Corn: Due to the high glycemic index value, corn increases the level of blood sugar and gives a feeling of hunger after being defeated. Therefore, it is a food that dieters should stay away from.
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