Anxiety that is filled with stress in every moment: Panic Attack

Panic attack disease, which has no handicap, is caused by extreme anxiety. The extent to which this discomfort should not be taken lightly is frightening. Heart disease, brain hemorrhage, giving the impression that the death, suggesting that we are examining this disease.
What is panic attack?
Although the symptoms of anxiety attacks with extreme stress, restlessness and fear vary from person to person, the disease reaches its peak within 10-15 minutes. at least four of the symptoms relapse in the event of a long-lasting disease treatment, in asocial people, in people who live in fear of death, in people living or working in disturbing environments, in substance addicts and in overloaded people, many people who are expected to be seen are hereditary. there are strong indications that it is; can be mixed with other diseases in terms of multiple symptoms ...

Symptoms of panic attacks
- nausea, stomach pain, the feeling that the stomach is in adulteration, intramuscular pain
- sweating in the palms and palms
- accelerate the heart rate, the heart will appear or stop
-Thinking, breathing, feeling a lump in the throat, ears whining
-darkness, blurred vision
- the feeling of extraterritoriality, the place where they live, and the perception of people next to them (who am I, where I am)
-sense of vision, the sense of vision as if you can not do what you do, the feeling of unusual things being done
-el, foot and tingling
-bearing feeling
- over-sweating spells, cold sweating
- sense of thinking or dying
Treatment is a disease that is possible, the treatment of psychiatrists is more appropriate, both medicines and therapies have been successful in treatment methods ... but the patient needs to believe that he will recover.
current treatment methods
- psychotherapy
- drug use
- relaxation techniques
- breathing exercises
- sports and exercise
- biofeedback
- visualization
- techniques to go on

Let's look at the disease through the eyes of someone who has had a panic attack
I think 100% non-psychological disease. serotonin deficiency or decrease can trigger these crises.
An example of myself:
On a lovely summer evening of the year 97, my wife and I are going home with a girlfriend that I like very much. shortly after crossing the bridge ... a feeling of ejaculation on my hands and feet, then a painful grief on my chest, the inability to breathe, and the state of fever and tremors I have never experienced before. All I can say is "I am, take me to a doctor." I barely pulled the car to the right, the friend passed the steering wheel and took me to a heart and chest surgery for a possible heart attack, just as soon as we were black. In the meantime, I could not understand what happened to myself, I'm shouting that I'm so excited. finally we came to the emergency door of the hospital.
how was it that patients with panic attacks actually learned this?
emergency doctor asked me to complain, I explained what happened. The man pulled an electrode, examined him neatly. Then there is the slightest danger to your heart. Anyway, I went to the hospital for half an hour, then I got out of the hospital. we came home, the hardship had passed, but I still could not understand what happened. I had dinner, slept. it happened on friday evening. The next day I got a little nervous in the morning. While the breakfast was the same thing again, I'm going to go mad? I started again, I am taking me to a doctor to take me ... they took me to the same hospital again, this time the doctor was different ... the hardship still continued when we got there. again he took an electrocut. The doctor said I had nothing, I was like a radish. Even I said, in relation to this heart, you can even save 80 years life.
So what happened to me?
then the man told me to talk to you for a moment alone. I said, of course. he asked if you didn't come here last night. I said yes. The troubles I've had with me are definitely not a nuisance with the heart. he certainly said don't worry. So what is the problem, Doctor? I've never experienced this boredom I've had since yesterday, I said ...
Doctor said panic attack.
panic attack?
What is this? I asked if it was a disease.
he said yes.
There is nothing I can do for you, I think he said immediately go to a psychiatrist.
I was very surprised, why not, why did not tell anything. made me a sedative and returned home. If I had never experienced the same trouble that day, I lived at least five more times. It was so disgusting to make you crazy. I was like being alive. I stood by Monday, found a psychiatrist immediately, and from right to left. I even found the worst doctor I could find. 'cause I realized that after years. The best of the doctor, respectful to the profession of this type of disease is not much of a ... summer green recipe, connect the patient crazy. so did I. I was flying over the clouds as a result of heavy green prescriptions.
One day I got up in the morning and I no longer healed these drugs I said to myself ... I left myself suddenly. The real catastrophes started after that. I couldn't tell you the troubles I've experienced psik anyway, because of this disease I became a psychologist, psychiatrist, antidepressant and real friend. Even other very important things have also been learned about life. A lot of deer will come, but I have learned how nice it is to live.
8 years have passed. 90% of this disease. I say this with pride. but I don't really believe that this disease is 100% zeroed, actually not the type. no doctor that I went to said did not say completely. sometimes you can think that it is completely over, three years passed, you can have a crisis again while standing still. I didn't create a team nonsense. I can deal with them now. I have a few suggestions on how to overcome these crises very quickly. First of all, I recommend a very strict friend, followed by plenty of walking and contact with water. drugs? They're stories.
Also, it is very painful, but stay away from chocolate and caffeinated beverages if possible, because they can cause excessive serotonin release and attack.


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