an italy tale in the Mediterranean with its adorable villages: advice to go to Cinque Terre

After exploring the Cinque Terre region, which is located in the south of Italy and consists of five towns, you can enter into a sweet rush for your summer vacation plan.
cinque terra is the national park that hosts five villages lined up by the rosary of the italian riviera in the unesco world heritage list. Let's think of bakirköy or our village when you say the village. tastes puzzle world, art galleries, painters, upholsterers obviously did not eat the bread here. it is one of the places to see for anyone other than italy cinque terre.

From the south to north, along the line of la spezia - levanto, respectively, the riomaggiore, manarola, corniglia, vernazza and monterosso al mare villages are ordered.

list of vehicles available for visiting all villages
1. train
2. Sea Transportation
3. Pedestrian
4. The shape of the car.

If you are not at the helm of your yacht with a whiskey glass in your hand, the most appropriate (cost - time) is the train. 15 euros per person for a day around the money for a day between the villages of the train transportation and access to the park can be solved. The maximum waiting time at the train station is 20 minutes. All stations except corniglia are at the center of the villages.

La Spezia can be chosen as the base of the accommodation since the accommodation and eating-drinking are expensive in the villages. The first village is reached fifteen minutes after a daily ticket from the station La Spezia.

- cinque terre is enough for one day.
- it is possible to swim in all villages but the village with its beach is monterosso al mare. hence the first stop is chosen, it is floated and the other villages are moved to the south.
- Manarola - riomaggiore between the other villages, except for the rugged walk.
- walking distance to manarola - riomaggiore via dell'amore (love way). even walk. along the walk line, there are plenty of locks on the walls and rocks. Of course, the trabzon does not surprise us again.

it is the most beautiful place of the italian riviera together with portofino.
do not make a mistake as a car rental because it is very easy to get to the village by train, because the roads are narrow and winding, so you can go 5 min by train in 45 min.

If you are going to go in the summer months, please make sure that you stay a month in advance.
otherwise you may find it difficult to find a hotel or a house in the summer due to the increase in the population, and finally you can pay the exorbitant fees by getting rid of it. anyway, before cinque terre, definitely go to portofinoya (stop name; s. margherita), which is 90 minutes to monterosso, the first village on your route. After cooling off with some ice cream, climb up to the hill at the hill and photograph portofino from above.

then scroll to the villages of cinque terre with order. enter your sea in places where you cut your eyes. Walk into the Bolcana nice restaurants, have plenty of ice cream and turn your route to Portovenere.
as we settled our stay and accommodation, we came to the question of what is done in cinque terre
it is the place where I reached monterosso around 12:30 in the afternoon and completed in 8 hours by leaving the fifth town, riomaggiore, around 8:30 pm. I'm going to do something about this trip that I'm forced to do a little compressed:

I didn't stay in cinque terre. There are many reasons why you can go to Liguria and not stay at any hotel in Cinque Terre and go from here to a nearby town. my reason was to listen to a beautiful beach and a ligurya town with the same beauty hotels and think of going here one day. Because while I was looking for hotels and seaside places in cinque terre, the beauty of the towns was very dazzling, but there was always a shortage in the hotels I was looking for, and it seemed like I couldn't meet my expectations. as a result of internet research I did not know what to expect as the hotel was a place that touched only the monterosso tooth. At the end of a long research, I found both the proximity to the cinque terre and the town I was looking for for a 6-night stay, which I wanted to do: sestri levante. I don't want to mention this quintessential coastal town in every respect because I've talked enough about it in the title.
sestri levante, a seaside town near the monterosso side of cinque terre
Another beauty of the location of the portofino and monterosso'nun staying in the middle. to Genoa or just 1 hour away by train. some of the trains to La Spezia from here go directly to all the towns of Cinque Terre. the first train I found at the station at 11:30 am I left the hotel unfortunately did not go directly to the monterosso, so I got off the la spezia train from levanto, and then I made a little transfer to monterosso.

the first town in monterosso as soon as I got off the train station and the beach greeted me first
I did not research so much as soon as I landed so I did not research so that after a bit hanging around the beach, all the cinque terre trains can be used free of charge by exploring the beauty of the cinque terre card I bought immediately. This card gives you a daily use right on all trains between Levanto and La Spezia, as well as taking you to all the parks you can hiking in Cinque Terre. In addition, the password behind the card with the environment in the presence of wifi service is also available. If you get off from the sea side of the monterosso train station, you can make it to the left of the city. Although I think it is the best of the two Italian towns I've taken the idea for here, it didn't seem like much for me, so I decided to go to the second town of vernazza with a hiking trip just after a little information in the historical city center.

It was the only hiking point I had used in the hiking cinque terre between monterosso and vernazza. therefore, I cannot compare with others, but it is possible to say that there is a moderate hiking experience. I took the steps of many steps of the bumpy places and the landscapes I took with the narrowed roads took 1 hour and 20 minutes. If you say you do not lose time without taking pictures in 1 hour vernazza'ya reach. at the starting point there is a peasant uncle who established a space between the greenery and selling limoncello. This uncle, who had a good break in English, says the market limoncello was fake, and that his own was made of organic Italian lemon. the japanese in front of me drank plenty of 2 or 3 euro, but when doing something sporty, the alcohol distributes the concentration, so it's best to skip the hiking.

As you get away from the monterosso during hiking, you are witnessing the exquisite landscapes where you can take photos of the monterosso from the top. Towards the end of your trip slowly look at the magnificent town of Vernazza looking at the views of a hill from a hill and then come down. especially if you have a machine with a beautiful zoom in vernazza's top photographs, it is very wonderful.

a little bit smaller than the vernazza monterosso, again in the same small size, a stylish town with a very charming sand
In the afternoon I went, I was quite crowded and I was very warned about noticing the thieves in the announcements of the train station. After lunch break here, unfortunately, under the Italian average after a delicious pizza with the stomach to feed the rest of the town to go to the train station. This very compact town is at the forefront of the coast, at the back of the train station and you can reach it with a little walk. When you arrive with hiking, the finish throws you right into the center of the city.

The next stop from vernazza is corniglia, which is one of the five towns in the city with its narrow streets in the historic city center.
the reason for this is the distance from the town to the sea as well as the considerable distance from the train station to the center. However, it is the quietest of them and the place where you can sit and drink in the narrow streets. You may even think of spending a night time if you're upset with silence and calm, so it's a quiet place.

After going back to the train station at corniglia, I realized that the train had been delayed and after about 20-25 minutes of retouching, I had arrived at full peak time, so I arrived in manarola 5 minutes after a rather crowded train. The crowded trains of trains show the success of Italy in tourism, not only in places such as Florence, Rome, Venice, but also in less popular places like Liguria.

manarola, a town without sandy beach, people jumping out of the rocks
After entering the train station, you arrive at a walking distance from the historic city center. Maybe it was the afternoon, so it was extremely quiet, according to monterosso and vernazza. I had a question about a tourist who approached the town and approached the town's photogenic houses and approached me after taking some photos. asked how to go to the next town. I was saying that the train asked me how to go with hiking. I was amazed at the hiking curiosity because it was about to be in the evening. The way of love between manarola and riomaggiore is called via dell'amore, and it's the way to see the pictures on the internet. I didn't know it was like that, so I continued with the train and again I arrived very soon to the riomaggiore.

After arriving at riomaggiore, you arrive at the center after a little walk through a tunnel, just like in manarola.
in this tunnel was also written via dell'amore, and therefore I think it has something to do with hiking, for example it might be an extension. In riomaggiore, it is a coastal town like Manarola, with a pier and boats in front of it. especially when you look at this hill from the top of this hill, these boats and pier look delicious. It was more crowded than riomaggiore manarola, perhaps because it was dinner and entertainment. while the town resembles manarola as an image, it is only a bit richer in terms of eating and drinking venues.

I ended up with a five-hour train ride to sestri levante, which is a great moment and a dozen photos. Forget about Florence, Venice, Roma, come to mind, and come here. you will never regret it.


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