Amazing Facts About Starbucks Founded by 3 Young in 1971

In 1971, a few information about Starbucks, the largest coffee chain in the world, founded by 3 young people who are dealing with different jobs.
starbucks; pike place market was founded in seattle in 1971 by a journalist, a history teacher and a literature teacher.

starbucks takes its name from the helpful, caring, and starving coffee starbuck, who is the assistant of captain ahab in the moby dick novel. common sense and benevolence also represent the company's current policy.
The female figure "siren girl" in the emblem represents a mythological figure that leads to mariners lost by beautiful sounds and is believed to bring blessings and luck. The company updates this emblem on average every 15 years. and the emblem in the name of the marine figures, the seafaring is widespread in the region and the respect of the local people ...
howard schultz, who is now the current partner, CEO and starbucks of the company, has been employed as an employee in starbucks. working in a company selling kitchenware in germany, schultz is curious about the continuous purchase of large quantities of french press from the american starbucks company, visits the company's branch in pike place and finds the techniques used by americans as coffee makers to be very primitive. he resigned from his job in germany, migrated to america with his wife, started to work in starbucks and began to use brewing techniques in europe (especially what he saw in italy) in america.
coffee roasted as standard, roasting for about 9 minutes. After 9 minutes, the coffee begins to lose its aroma, which is shaped by the character of the place where it grows, and a burning taste occurs. but starbucks takes in huge amounts and the core from all over the world. hence the starbucks roast an average of 12 minutes for coffee, as the company must create a standard taste. the coffee you drink in starbucks and your palate is now a reference, is a burned coffee that has lost its aroma. It is better to take the kernel from the coffeemakers who have their kernel daily & weekly.
In addition, every starbucks employee has the right to serve coffee to his customers twice a day. employees often use this right for their customers who are depressed, upset. So if you order in a sad way, maybe you can save a fortune.


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