Amalgam fillers emit mercury as they pass through powerful MR devices

Professor at Akdeniz University Selmi Yilmaz and his team in her research amalgam fillers 7-Dimensional MR devices exposed to mercury, emitted by mercury for the living organisms were shown. Normal MRI magnetic resonance machines work between 1.5 T and 3 T, but the new 7-generation magnetic that the new devices produce provides a high resolution and a very strong magnetic field.
The researchers measured the effects of 60 amalgam tooth fillers. 50% mercury is present in these fillings. she prepared a special solution to simulate human saliva and measured the amount of mercury that would leak through the filler in two MRIs of 1.5 T and 7 T by placing these teeth in it.

In our study, we found very high mercury values ​​after ultra-high-field MRI, am says DrSelmi Yilmaz, a dentist from Akdeniz University. H This is probably due to the creation of micro-circuit-like formations that lead to a phase change in amalgam material or to electrochemical corrosion caused by a magnetic field. Et Specifically, around 20 teeth passing through the 7T sockets detected 0.67 ppm of mercury content in the artificial saliva. 1,5 T is equivalent to 4 times the amount of mercury in the solution that is passed through 20 teeth. In the previous study, it was stated that some people might have problems with their fillers due to their very strong suction devices. Of course, amalgam fillers with high-power imaging devices for those who need to do more research. Dr. Selmi Yilmaz determined for the amount of mercury, "7Tesla MRI is very safe for those who enter the imaging can not say." she said.
To determine how much of the mercury released is absorbed by body tissues, research needs to be done. Yet this powerful EMF are not very common in the world and none in Turkey. But these devices, especially in the brain imaging of Alzheimer's patients is much more sensitive and good results. Although the European Union has forbidden amalgam fillings due to the damages to the environment, amalgam fillings are still being used in our country. Even though amalgam fillings are being used less and less, amalgam-filled people need to be more cautious. The study was published in Radiology. article published from Turkey took place in many national news channel.


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