Alternative electric transport from Citroen to bicycle and scooter

Environmental pollution is becoming more and more sensitive to the world community. Therefore, more and more people are turning to electric cars, bicycles, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, scooters or hybrid personal transport vehicles. The bike-car PodRide, which we gave a few weeks ago, was one of the best examples of this. Citroen's alternative concept for bicycles and scooters is the Ami One Concept.
The Ami One Concept does not require driving licenses in some countries
The Ami One Concept, designed by Citroen as an electric transport in the city, is a small vehicle that will work short distances. It is 2.5 meters long and can only carry 2 people including the driver. The Ami One is able to drive up to 45 miles per hour and can travel up to 100 km on a single charge. The key is working with the QR code instead.

According to Citroen's press release, the vehicle can be used in some countries without the need for driving licenses. The Ami One Concept is ideal for use through certain service formats. For example, a tool can use the share app for as little as five minutes. For the weekend, it can be rented weekly, annually or several years. Solutions such as charging, maintenance and parking can also be included in subscription packages in these services.
Car to the driver; it offers the ability to charge your smartphone wirelessly. A simple interface that the driver can control with voice is equipped with a 5-inch display and Bluetooth-powered speakers instead of the standard stereo system. However, as the name suggests, the vehicle is still in the concept stage. For this reason, it seems that there is still time for the Ami One Concept to be sold or put into service.

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