All Features of Scorpions Scare Everyone By Name

One of the most dangerous animals of natural nature is undoubtedly the scorpions. As we mentioned in the title of our article, we will provide you with detailed information about all the features of scorpions that scare everyone.
Scorpions, which are among the most poisonous animals in the group of arthropods, can cause paralysis, partial injuries and quite painful health problems in humans. According to researches, scorpions which are found to have more lethal poisons than the poisons found in snakes, are among the arthropods people are most afraid of after snakes.
What are the main features of scorpions?
After giving a summary information about Scorpions, we will give you information about the main features of scorpions which are the main subject of our article. Scorpions have many features. Here are the main features of scorpions;
Many have the effect of lethal poison.
In total there are 4 pairs of legs and the front section has clamps.
They catch their prey with their front clamps.
They have many species in themselves.
There are many more species such as black, yellow, brown, carpur and eastern yellow scorpion.
They're cooler than snakes.
They move quite silently.
They multiply with eggs and live in every part of the world.
They live in wetlands and enjoy the sun rays very much.
They also live in deserts.
At night, the original colors change to a greenish color.
There are 1753 species in total.
Many of them last around 8 years.
The most common species are arthropods.
Pregnancy is between 7 and 12 months.
Only 50 of the 1750 species are toxic.
As seen above, the characteristics of scorpions are quite high. Scorpions that move quite sneaky generally move silently. Thanks to these qualities, they can easily capture their prey.

1. Ground Scorpions
Tree scorpions: Tree scorpions are more often found in tree roots and tree bark.
Stone scorpions: As the name suggests, the subterranean scorpions continue their lives under the rocks. Most of the scorpion species, which are mostly in deserts and mountainous rocks, are among the most dangerous scorpions.
2. Underground Scorpions
Kumcul scorpions: Kumcul scorpions live under the sands mostly in deserts. These scorpion species are also quite dangerous.
Digging Scorpions: As the name suggests, scorpions are mostly known for their hard working scorpions. It is also one of the most powerful species among the scorpion species. They carry deadly poisons in the last ring of their tails. At the tip of the bags, there is a poison needle.
What are the Deadly Scorpions?
There are some benefits to point out that not all scorpions are dead. The deadly scorpions are;
Yellow scorpion: They live in the west of the South East Anatolia Region of our country. The yellow scorpion, which is quite dangerous, also has a poisonous effect.
Black scorpion: The land scorpion species that live in the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey are among the deadly scorpion species.

Which Scorpions are Poisonous?
After providing information about which deadly scorpions are present, let us now provide information about the poisonous scorpions. The poisonous scorpions are;
Long-tailed Scorpio: Long-Curved Scorpion Our country lives in Kilis, Adıyaman and Diyarbakır provinces. Long-tailed scorpions, especially in villages and rural areas, can lead to the death of living creatures due to their high potential poisons.
Scorpion with thick clamps: The thick clamp scorpion lives in the Southeast Anatolia Region and the Mediterranean Region. It is easy to catch the thick clamp with its thick clamp.

What Are Unknown About Scorpions?
After providing information about scorpions, we will now provide you with some information about these dangerous arthropods, some of which are not well known. Here are the unknown aspects of scorpions;
Scorpions prefer to stay away from human beings: Most people think that scorpions prefer to be close to people 8839_207. However, according to a survey, it was observed that scorpions prefer to live away from people. Hence, the fact that most of the scorpions choose to live in deserts and wetlands is the most concrete indicator of this.
Scorpions are more dangerous and ruthless than snakes: Most people think that snakes are more dangerous and ruthless than scorpions. However, scientists say that scorpions are much more dangerous and ruthless than snakes.
Scorpions' suicide: People are thinking about how scorpions can kill themselves and are looking for research on this subject. One of the most prominent characteristics of scorpions is that they can end their lives with their own poisoned needles when they are in a difficult situation. Therefore, it is not a fairy tale, but rather a reality. But the fact that the scorpions resort to such an action is still a secret. Although there has been research on this subject, no real result has been reached.
The poison force of the scorpions is many times stronger than the venom force of snakes: the venom interaction power of the scorpions is much higher than the venom interaction forces of snakes. Therefore, the sting of the scorpions can be much faster than the snake sting. As experts underline that the time for early intervention after the stinging of the scorpions may be quite limited, this is often not the case with snakes.
The distances of the scorpions are not above normal: people think that the scorpions have a very good vision. However, according to a study, it was seen that scorpions do not have an extraordinary vision potential and that scorpions have a normal vision capacity as in other arthropods.
As you can see, scorpions have many qualities that are not yet known. It is worth remembering that these dangerous joint-legged animals have more unknown qualities. In our article, we gave detailed information about scorpions. We hope we can provide useful information.


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