HIV Protein Structure

Scientists from the Scripps Research Institute (TRSI) and Weill Cornell Medical College collaborated for the first time on the atomic level of a triple HIV (AIDS) envelope protein, and have long been one of the most challenging targets in the medical and biological sciences. the virus that caused the most detailed picture of the complex envelope so far has been viewed. In this way, vaccines can be produced in the future by determining how the virus mimics the immune system. Ti Previously, the work on the envelope complex was mostly directed towards the sub-units of the envelope. But to determine the weak point of the virus, the entire complex structure of the envelope structure is required, tas says Structural Biology of TSRI. Ian A. Wilson. The research was published in Science Express Magazine on 2 October.
According to WHO, HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) infects 34 million people worldwide and 10% of them are children. Although antiviral drugs have been used to control HIV infection in developed countries, scientists have long been seeking a vaccine to root out the virus.

Although vaccines for HIV were tested continuously, vaccines did not work because HIV's envelope protein could not be detected. Enlightening the Infection Since the virologist Env discovered was very complex in nature, scientists were experiencing great difficulties in observing the atomic protein. In the study, the Cornell / Scripps team viewed the Env trimer (three-component structure) with sufficient stability and other properties and visualized by atomic resolution imaging. Using the latest imaging methods in electron microscopy technology and using X-ray crystallography, it was possible to look into the Env trimer. X-ray crystallography and other methods used for the first time have been used to solve the trimer structure to the finest detail. How the env trimer is combined and radically transformed into Ebola influenza viruses has been elucidated. Other supporters of the study tr the HIV-1 envelope trimmer completely dissolves the soluble glycosylated Cryo-EM structure and the crystal structure of this solvent can be separated by the HIV-1 envelope trimmer, diğer it says. With the elucidation of the HIV virus, the vaccine can be developed for AIDS, and the plague of the era can be eaten by this vaccine.
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