Adrenaline peaks 7 sports branches

Sports and nature lovers have different sports features. Especially adrenaline-filled spores are a special feature for adventure enthusiasts. In the Black Sea region which is one of the most beautiful regions of our country, there are different sports activities for adrenalin levels.
Due to their geographical structure, rugged terrains and tracked areas are always the right choice for adrenalin spores. A different and spectacular nature, rugged terrain, rivers, streams and valleys stand out in sporting activities. Thanks to its geographical features, our country is always superior in sports activities. According to the geographical characteristics of the sports with the highest adrenaline;
It is one of the sports which has the highest adrenaline level on the boat in high flow streams. Rafting with water shovel to survive with the struggle to survive. The rafting sport is completed with the completion of the tracks determined in the rivers.

The most suitable rivers for rafting are in the Black Sea. In the spring months of the Black Sea region, such as Artvin, Bolu, Rize and Gumushane, rafting lovers are experiencing unforgettable moments.

Trekking is carried out on the famous plateaus of the Black Sea and due to its high altitude, it provides the opportunity to capture the geographical area from the sky. A bird like a bird flying in the sky andiron and this adrenaline-filled sports, but also provides plenty of oxygen storage. The opportunity to observe different beauties is provided for each region and it is carried out in crowded groups. Trekking sport adrenalin high as well as being crowded in groups because of the friendship also reinforces.

This is one of the most preferred sports among the most adrenalin spores in Turkey. However, the best geographic regions where mountaineering sports can be done are the mountain communities that run parallel to the sea. It is also possible to do mountaineering sports with the regions that are most suitable for these features. The most popular climbing options for mountaineering are Black Sea and Georgia.

Kitesurfing sport, known as the combination of paragliding and surfing, is a sport between wind and dancing. Kitesurfing is an excellent adrenaline sport, Fethiye, Alacati and Urla is made in a lot of holiday resorts.

Bungee Jumping:
Bungee Jumping, one of the most extreme sports, comes from Eastern Australia. In the Pacific Ocean, Bungee Jumping is made by the adrenalin lovers in our country. However, much more different features have been developed thanks to the technological opportunities that developed from that period to this period. Therefore, it takes its place as an extreme sport branch with technological facilities.

Skydiving is one of the most adrenalin spores, with a parachute mounted on the backs of the athletes, jumping from a height of about 10,000 feet. Only Skydiving's feature makes this sport attractive. When skydiving, the parachute on the athletes' back is opened after a certain distance. Adrenaline is known to be high with this feature.

Extreme sport which is one of the sports with high adrenaline, is known to be done in winter. Snowboarding is one of the most well-known extreme sports with the help of board on snow. Ramps and maneuvers in winter are lost in the snow and various jumps are performed.


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