Adidas shoes springblade; designed for runners

Runners are always in search of an equipment that will win themselves a step forward. A shoe that will bring them to the forefront with the least amount of energy. In the past, many shoe companies have a middle base of flexible propulsion after the shoe, Adidas's new concept seems to take it to a different level. Adidas is called Springblade (bow knife) under the shoes of a spring-like base is an interesting shoe. These springs aim to take the athlete forward by pushing the runner forward.

The Adidas Innovation Team spent six years developing the Springblade and found the most energy efficient material. This material is both the most durable and efficient. Inspired by athletes using trampolines and pole vaulting equipment, the team finally found a way to apply this potential to their running shoe. Each shoe has 16 knife springs. These springs store your potential energy and release your energy depending on your strength. This design, which looks quite strange, brings you a step forward by giving the runner a forward momentum. Unlike many running shoes, this shoe takes you up and down.

Even though the springs on the bottom of the shoe are the most glaring feature of the shoe, the other features of the shoe are special for a runner. Since the upper part of the shoe is made of flexible material, it prevents the slip of the shoe by preventing the slip of the shoe in the best way and preventing energy loss. According to Adidas, the special polymer used in the Springblade is 7 times more resistant to heat than EVA cushioning. It is thought to be able to increase the performance of the race due to its quite unusual design. Adidas Spring Blade will be launched on August 1 at 180 dollars.
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