Active People Get Longer Life

It was determined that people with active personality had a longer life and genetically related. It was also understood that a gene that causes an active personality in these people also causes a long life span. This gene is actually called a dopamine receptor gene and a DRD4 7R gene pair. This was confirmed by the tests carried out on mice with more than 90 years of age.
Biology professor Robert Moyzis from the University of California Irvine, and Psychiatrist It was published in Neuroscience in the research called 90, chaired by Nora Wolkow. The variable gene detected functions as part of the dopamine system. The function is; management of award-winning learning and attention sections of the neural network in the brain. The DRD4 7R gene pair enhances the reaction of the person to the environment by curtailing dopamine signals.

At the same time, this gene can make people more social, intellectual and sporty. In addition, this gene is associated with disorders such as hyperactivity, attention deficit, addiction and risk behaviors. It is stated that this gene does not provide long life but its effects can cause a long life. So if you are more social and active, you can live longer. High physical activity was observed in 310 participants who participated in 90+ research. Mice did not carry this gene in the life of the test life of 7.7% was reduced to 9.7%. It is also estimated that those with this gene will have a lower risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's. Perhaps it is also explained why the elderly, but still active, people are still dwelling and standing.


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