A nice innovation from Microsoft to webmasters: Clarity !

Do you know how your users use your website? Of course you have something in mind! But the point you missed; This is because users can sometimes do what you don't think.
Microsoft wants Webmasters to really understand their users. With Clarity, which is now available to all Webmasters, publishers will now be able to face the reality of user behavior rather than assuming assumptions.
Clarity is a user monitoring software developed by Microsoft using AI technology. This tool, which can be used in HTML pages, monitors the users who are entering your website and creates useful performance reports for you.


What links do your users click?
In which part of your pages do you spend more time?
What's the heat map of your site?
What are the differences of your users' habits in A / B tests?
As such, it offers important data for each Webmaster.

Clarity following your site from the nape of the neck; it can also help you with issues such as browser issues, bugs, possible JavaScript errors and malware detection.

Development Must!
Clarity is the newest cowboy in town right now. Optimizely, Google Optimize and Visual Web Optimizer tools such as the long-standing industry put the most important rivals.

Microsoft, Clarity is currently available as a beta version, but constantly improving will be expressed. From the video below, you can browse all the details of how Clarity can help publishers:
Clarity is currently available to all Webmasters. Using a Microsoft account, you can immediately take advantage of Clarity on all your pages in HTML format.
After many years, icrosoft has taken the Webmaster masses for the first time. The first user comments are that Clarity is a highly successful vehicle. What are you thinking?
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